Welcome to Day Three

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Day Three Vibration

It is important that you stay in the right vibration. Whenever you think about the item you want to manifest, think happy thoughts. Make it a constant habit. Do whatever you can to remain in this mood, especially about your manifestation. Do things to help (your Manifesting Coach will help you with this)

Here are a few Affirmations to ensure you stay in a great mood regarding your manifestation and on track:

  • I am Present and grateful for the day

  • I am Strong

  • I will Manifest.........(the item) 

  • I will be Successful

  • I am deserving of........ (the item) 

  • I am in perfect vibration with my........(the item)

  • My Intuition is Strong. ... My Mind is Clear and Focused on manifesting...... (the item) 
  • I will be Successful in all that I do. 

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Today consider your mind, body and soul. Keep your vibe high (In a good mood). Consider your environment, consider what you put in your body. Sitting on a coach, stuffing yourself with fast food and not getting any exercise is soooooooo far removed from manifesting. You have to make sure that your Mind (thinking good thoughts about the requested manifestation) body (intake of foods that do not make you feel heavy and lethargic) and Soul (A happy you) is aligned, while trying to manifest. The only way to do this is to stay positive. For more information on staying in the right vibe order the manifesting bundle below.

Back to wanting that new car, as a way of staying in the right vibration, do something that will keep you expecting your manifestation. Go out and buy a key ring for that shinning new car key to live on. Get an air freshener, every-time you smell it, you will remind your mind, body and soul that this will be hanging in you new car.  If you are expecting a partner to come into your life...Make space for that person to come into your home. Do you want a new home?...Start de-cluttering, you wouldn't want to carry unwanted items with you into your new home. Whatever you do towards getting your manifestation will help propel it closer to you.

Keeping a high vibration does mean that you distant yourself from people that do not share your belief in manifestations. It is unhelpful having someone around you that does not share your vision for your life. This can be difficult if that person is your partner or a close family member. In stances like that you will need to keep your manifesting journey to yourself.

For me, my family know that when I am on a manifesting journey because I will 'fast'. According to one definition (Fasting can mean limiting oneself to one meal during the day, abstaining from eating at all or from certain food types. In any case, the fasting person is not supposed to eat or even touch any animal products (i.e., meat, eggs) except dairy products).When I fast they will call less, as they know that I need to go within, they will ensure that I am not bothered with mundane issues. I understand that not everyone can go within and be left alone, but one has to distance themselves from anyone or anything that may lower their vibration. (Your Manifesting Coach will help with staying focused)

Keeping a high vibration may mean something as simply as listening to music thatyou enjoy, singing at the top of your voice or dancing.

You know what makes you feel happy....Do that...There are no rules here about what makes you happy and feeling positive, this is something only you can create.

Evening time:  You should indulge in an activities that makes or keeps you happy. I understand that life gets in the way and we can't 'always' be happy, but ensure you are making a conscious effort to remain in the best of moods. Avoid activities that make you sad, angry, or irritated. Example: watching the news, listening to sad music, or arguing with someone.  Before going to bed do something that puts a smile on your face! That could be watching your favourite comedy or a happy YouTuber. The purpose is to keep your vibrations high throughout the night so you start your day on a high note. 

All aspects of this day is needed to get you ready to manifest.

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