24thMay 2016

Signs and Wonders

John 4:48 (New International Version)

Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe.

This passage in the Bible makes me believe that Jesus was a little irritated when he said that line.

Have you ever had to make a decision, and was unsure which way to go on it? Then ‘something’ just told you to go ahead? Was it a gut feeling? Or did you see or hear something that helped you make the decision? Was it a sign or was it your intuition?

How are you feeling about your passion search? Have you spent some time thinking about your passion? If not Blog@loveliveholistically.com and I will help you put a plan in place.

If you believe you have found your passion, tell me Blog@loveliveholistically.com What does it feel like engaging in your passion? Think about it for a minute. For me, when I get a subject to write about, I can’t wait to get it on paper, its almost like there is a rush to write it, before I forget what I want to say. While writing, I’m in my element, it’s as if I’m in another world, as the words just fall from my pen to the paper.

If you have found your passion, you’ll have to get confirmation that this is your passion and that you should following it.

In Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist – Santiago (the Shepard boy) was told by the old man (The king) that in order to find the treasure, he will have to follow the omens.

Signs are everywhere…literally.

Out on the roads, there are signs to go, signs to slow down, signs to stop, signs to go left only, signs to go right only, you acknowledge these and take heed. Why then, would you not look for and take heed to signs, when you are about to make huge life changes. Finding and following your passion is no different – One has to follow the signs.

You have to ask God or the Universe to show you signs that your passion is yours to follow. Finding and following your passion is very personal, no one can help you ‘know’ what your passion is, you need to ‘know’ and you alone can follow it. No one can take that journey, one can and must get others to help along the way, but the journey is yours and yours alone.

You and only you, has heard passion whispering in your ear for years.

You and only you know what that passion pull feels like.

I use to get that pull every 2/3 years and end up leaving my jobs, evidently I’d end up not being able to pay the rent and getting evicted – But the pull for me was so strong that I couldn’t stay in my current job. I only saw the signs to leave my jobs, I didn’t look or asked ‘What’s the next step’

Get a pen and a note pad, because the signs will come thick and fast. You will need to go back to them as encouragement when you face challenges.

You know what you are passionate about , its time to follow where it leads you.

What do signs look like?

 How will I know this is a sign ?

 Where am I going to find them?

 Please bare in mind that as finding and following your passion is personal, the signs will also be personal to you and only you.

Here’s what you do - Start looking.

You will need to ask aloud – A definite question.

Shall we say your question is, ‘shall I sell oranges’. You will need to keep your ears and eyes open, because as I said, the signs will come quickly once asked, this is because your destiny has been seeking you for so long that, once you open up to it’s possibilities, it will be only to glad to oblige.

Be aware of the TV commercials (I know you watch TV ‘cos you’re not following your passion) – You turn the TV on and the commercial is ‘ The man from Del Monte says yes’ ( Depending on your age and the country you live in, will you understand this commercial ) The commercial will be about breakfast juice….THAT WAS A SIGN . You watch a film, you see a Orange groves …. THAT WAS A SIGN .

You are in a queue at the supermarket, and you hear the person in front of you say ‘Oh I forgot to get Oranges’ ….. THAT WAS A SIGN . You are on the bus and you over hear two people talking about the properties of oranges…. THAT WAS A SIGN .Get the picture?. You will get signs but you must be open to them.

 You will also need to be open to what to do with oranges.

Oprah Winfrey knew she liked reading and landed a job in radio while in high school which led to TV and the opportunities that she found there.


Didn’t Richard Branson start off with records? His entrepreneurial spirit has him building a rocket (Galactic) to take him to the moon, look at that, your passion can take you further than the stars.

Back to the oranges - From what I have gathered, Oranges contain Vitamin C, folate, and flavonoids. The ancients believed, Oranges were symbolic of the sun and thus respected as both food and medicine. There is evidence that oranges improve ‘good’ cholesterol. (HDL Cholesterol – rising effect of orange juice in subjects with hypercholesterolemia – (2000)

Oranges have also been sited in a 2009 study in which a supplement of orange and blackcurrent juice have been found to aid bone health, it is said to reduce inflammation.

Is the picture getting clearer on where your passion for ‘Oranges’ can take you? Have you noticed that there is more to ‘oranges’ than eating it or drinking it’s juice as one of your ‘five-a-day’. You may want to sell oranges which could lead to selling other citrus fruits, who knows? It’s your destiny.

I love writing, I am a psychologist who loves to see a person become the very best they can become. Put those passions together and for me, it equals writing this blog, which has led me to mentoring others. I am open to where my passion may take me. I don’t know, next stop Oprah!!!! Who knows.

Where could your passion take you? Look for signs that tell you that you are on the right track.

Right, you have asked the first question – Shall I sell oranges, the man from Del Monte said yes, so you decide to get a stall at your local market and start selling on the weekends. You may decide at looking at the properties of oranges and the best place to and how to market it.

I love to write – I wasn’t too sure what I was going to write about, so I decided to make audios via utube videos, I’d write the script and attempt to read it, needless to say my recording didn’t sound very good, plus I had to try and get pictures to add to the audio, not very good at that either.

What I am saying is you will have to try things out, to see what fits you best. Remember its got to be something you’ll love doing, because there will be times when you are going to say ‘what have I let myself into?’, ‘why have I given up my time and effort to do this?’ There will be doubts, although you believed, you saw clear signs that you should go ahead. Whatever you do, it will have to be something that you are willing to fight for, and to fight to keep pursuing when things are not going as planned. It has to fit you, it’s your dream.

I do not always know what my next blog is going to be about. But after a few days, I get the subject, it just comes. In this case it is about signs. I always check i.e look for signs to be sure, that the subject is the correct one. My signs can come from the book I am reading at the time, as I do not watch TV unless it’s something I’ve recorded, few signs from there. In this instance the sign subject came from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

The book was intended to show one persons’ journey to his destiny, but I could also see the importance of looking for signs. I had no idea what I was going to say about ‘signs’. I couldn’t tell people to get their horse shoe and rabbits foot out and hope for good luck, then it came, signs are personal to you. Only you will know, if what you have asked for has been answered.

One is taking a leap of faith when deciding to find and follow their passion. Big decisions like ‘do I leave my job’? Is to be taken seriously.– It’s not a leap of faith if you leap off a cliff!

In marketing your passion – Always remember you need to be offering something that helps others. Passion or destiny is structured around helping others. I am not here to offer business advice, but I know everything cost money – Be careful and seek advice from a business consultant.

Remember Face Bookis free.

We have looked at what signs look like, if in doubt you may ask, how will I know this is a sign ? This is personal to you, only you will know if the sign given is the answer to your personal question. What is your gut telling you? Forget about the I can’t do’s, and listen to your intuition. What is it saying? If you can hear a tiny ‘go for it’. or a ‘you should do it’, maybe you’ll hear ‘yes go ahead’ whatever you hear, that’s your answer or a sign to Just do it!

Where am I going to find signs? You ask, well everywhere, remember your passion has been trying to get out for years. It is now getting acknowledged so it will make itself seen and heard. You will not mistake its signs when they begin to come….I promise you. Blog@loveliveholistically.com

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