Mentoring Training Course

At last, here is a course that will help you start your own business, helping others. This mentoring course will give you the ability to help others, help themselves. You will learn how to guide others towards becoming the best they can be.

There are many common issues that plague us some are mentioned above.. At the end of this course you should feel confident to guide others feel energised to shake off  what is holding them back. From those struggling with weight issues to those who have a lack of passion....You will be able to spot their 'lack' from the words they use to describe their issue.

Listening may be something you take for granted, here you will learn that what is not said is as important as what is said. This course will be tailored you your needs...Many courses are one size fits all, with the hope that everyone who joins will understand or grasp its concepts. Once the fees are paid you are on your own......This course is different, you will be allocated a mentor who will be there to answer any questions, via phone, skype or email. You will be guided through the course, at the end offered paying clients to work with, in essence you should be able to recoup your course fees back.

This is a 12week course - The Schedule:

Week One - Getting to know you.

Week Two - Aims for the course - Plan of Action

Week Three - What do you hear - Learning to listen.

Week Four - Struggling - Most people are struggling with some issue, here you will learn that most struggles are just the power you give them. You will be guided to look at the way you deal with issues and learn how to delicately remove the power attached to them.

Week Five - Putting what you have learnt into action- Here you will need a volunteer, if you can not find one, we ask you to try methods learnt on yourself. You have all to gain in this week as you experience first hand, how our methods work.

Week Six - Meeting hurdles and how to overcome them.

Week Seven -How to help others find and follow their passion.

Week Eight - How to halt that stuck feeling.

Week Nine -How to survey your life and de-clutter.

Week Ten - Putting what you have learnt into action- Here you will be introduced to a volunteer, in-order to work with and again experience first hand, how our methods work.

Week Eleven - Social media, advertising and business set up.

Week Twelve - Here you will meet potential paying clients, you will still have your mentors to guide you with the 'getting to know you phase' and planning their plan of action.

Get started today, money shouldn't be an issue, pay by instalments if that works for you. If you have any questions regarding the course, get in touch using the form below.

Mentoring Training Course

£ 783.75 

This Mentoring Course you will help you to help others with the many issues they wrestle with i.e: Being in a dead-end relationship but are afraid to be alone. Afraid of failure. Afraid of success. Struggling with weight. Lack confidence. Contemplating a career. Wanting to retire but don't know if it is the right time. Coping with being an empty nester. Being in your comfort zone - but feel stuck and unfilled at the same time. Lack passion. Have friendships that are past their expiration date but you are having trouble letting go. Being indecisive and lack clarity. Starting over personally or professionally. Creating a business to mentor others.

Mentoring Training Course:

Contact us for an instalment plan.

Number of payments 4

Start payments £195.94 GBP

Every 1 month (x 3)£195.94

GBPTotal £783.76 GBP

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