And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7King James Version (KJV)

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you 14:27 King James Version (KJV)

Many people have died in their quest for peace. The word Peace is used as the last thing you say of a departed loved one. RIP. This is the importance of the word.

This blog will concern it self with ones peace of mind and what contributes to having or not having a peaceful mind.

Consider your life! Would you say by and large it is peaceful or would you claim your life is full of drama? Have you ever considered this question? To answer this question myself, firstly, I pay homage to the fact that I have carved out a peaceful piece of Suffolk in which I can write and mentor. My children have grown and only ascend on me sporadically throughout the year. I admittedly worry less and enjoy my life. But to answer this question truthfully, I find myself thinking of all the wars that are taking place as we speak, and the people who have had to be up rooted from their homes and their country. I then think of their acceptance or non-acceptance by their ‘host’ county-men or women! These are the things that spring to mind for me. What about you?

Peace is not simply the absence of war, said SPINOZA It is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice.

By and large I would say I live a pretty peaceful life. Are there parts of your life that you can change in-order to bring you peace and serenity? We will look at three elements of our lives that may have a bearing on our peace of mind. Area, Building and Household.

Lets first look at the effect of the area in which you live. What would you say about the area you live in? Does the neighbours say hello as they pass by in the morning? What are the local shops like? Does the crime rate bother you? What does Ofsed say about the RAG ratings of your local school?  If your area is quiet, calm and peaceful I am so pleased for you. If your area gives you cause for concern on a regular basis it may lead to a head full of negative thoughts. Imagine walking around with constant negative thoughts running though your mind all the time. Your thoughts may be `how am I going to keep my family safe, if this happens or if that happens’. Or how am I going to cope if this happens or that happens. The ‘this thing that may happen’ comes from the environment you live in. Removing yourself from this toxic area/ environment may instantly remove those negative thoughts, as the threat will also be removed. Getting up and leaving the area or environment may not be as easy as just picking yourself up and moving away. I do understand, but it is a consideration. Staying put because ‘It’s just the way it is’ is not an answer. If you have read my work you’ll know that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Have you sought out your options?

`The little book of peace’ by Tiddy Rowan claims that a State of peace is to be in a personal element of freedom from anxiety, unnecessary concerns, noise or unwanted confrontation.

Failing the ability to move out of a less than desirable area, our four walls comes under scrutiny, again you may not be in a position to live in the building of your choosing. Whatever type of building you live in, I am assuming it is not infested with insects or rodents. I am also assuming that damp is not so bad as to cause ill health. If this is your position right now, reaching peace of mind can only begin after your basic needs of a safe home is achieved. Do you have a quite room in your home? Do you make time to be still in your home, can you be still in your home? What colours dominate your home? Have you considered the effect of your interior on your peace of mind?

Confucius was a teacher and philosopher (551BCE-479BCE) he wrote ‘Those who desire to order their national life would first regulate their home life; those who desired to regulate their home life would first cultivate their personal lives; those who desired to cultivate their personal lives would first set their hearts right.’

In England we have a saying ‘An Englishmans’ home is his castle’ A safe place, how do you feel about your home? For me my home is my sanitary. If I didn’t have to leave my home for appointments, I would happily stay in. If your home is a place you sleep, eat, wash and leave. I hope you find your happy or peace of mind elsewhere. If like most of the population you spend time ‘living’ in your home. It is important that your home is not only comfortable but somewhat peaceful at times.

Think about your bedroom or where you sleep. How peaceful is it there? Is there anything you could change in order to ensure that where you lay your head is peaceful? This could be banning children from your room. To remove any clutter from your room, consider a calmer colour scheme, ensure the atmosphere in your room is calmer. A few years ago my life was so hectic, it was full of drama and the ill health of family members. I would have nightmares, most nights, I began to sleep with the light on. I really can’t remember what the room looked like, it didn’t really matter what it looked or felt like. My bedroom at the time was a place I had to go to, it was not a place of serenity or even rest. It was a place to close my eyes, have a nightmare, get up and after showering a place to get dress and leave. Bare in mind my whole life was in turmoil. Make your bedroom or the place you sleep a place you put to rest the days woes. A place where you can find peace of mind.

What does your ‘living room’ look like? Is it a place where there is a barrage of people coming and going? Is it filled with ‘stuff’ maybe kids toys are scattered around. All that sounds like my living room when my children were young. However I relished 7 0’clock pm when I could reclaim my living room. I would put away the children’s toys after they had been put to bed and the older children had retired to other parts of the house. I would clear away any clothes and shoes that may have been left around the room. With a dimmed light, a clean and warm room, my living room took on a serene, milieu. I often had a sense of a days work (stay up home Mum) well done. What does your eye land on when you look around your room? Something nice or a few things that you would rather not look at? Realise that what you constantly view has an effect on you.

Here is some information from Decoist – “There’s a reason why blue is such a popular color for interiors. It calms and soothes, ushering in a sense of tranquility. Blue evokes the color of the sea and the sky, and darker shades such as navy can create a relaxing nautical vibe”. Try this for your bedroom

“Bright shades such as vivid yellow and bold red have the power to energize (and even stimulate the appetite). No wonder they’re a popular choice restaurants, as well as residential dining rooms.

Soft lemony shades are soothing, while richer, more saturated shades of yellow have an energizing effect”. Great for living rooms.

Make where you ‘chill’ a zone. In doing that you will begin to bring some peace to the place you are suppose to rest.

When you think of your household, what springs to mind? Really what springs to mind. My household consist of my Son and my daughter who appears and disappear according to her university lectures. My house for me consist of who is there, (which could be 1,2,5 or 7 people at any given time throughout a month) the rooms and my space. We have covered the rooms we live and sleep in. You have been asked to find a quite space for yourself.

This part of the blog will concern itself with who comes and go through your home. If that fills you with dread read on. We all carry with us ‘vibes’ it is just a feeling that we give off to others when we meet. Have you ever noticed how you feel when a certain person enters a room? This may be at work or at a gathering. Perhaps this person is the life of the party, so when they enter the room the party starts. There are others that you would rather not be around, as they tend to bring the mood down. We carry our vibe around with us all the time, we do not leave it at home when we leave. So who or what type of vibes do you allow in your home? Your friends and family may not be in a great mood every time they come to visit you, but you should ensure that you do not allow people with negative vibes in your home on a regular basis, try and meet them elsewhere.

This can be difficult if this regular visitor, is a family member, just remember that you are in control of your peace, you can not put anyone in charge of that, maybe you can find a natural place to meet. What if the person we are talking about lives with you? This will take a different tact, having made your home a calm environment with calming colours, un-clutted rooms which are free from dust and dirt. You are to speak to this person trying to find out what is bothering them, you may be aware of their issue, if you can do something about it, do it. If you can not do anything about the issue seek out other avenues that may be able to help. By always keeping the notion of  ‘ I want a peaceful household’ in the back of your mind, you will inevitably do everything you can to ensure peace reins.

This blog was not about the peace of mind that money can buy, nor was it about world peace. It ventured a little closer to home with considerations about the area you live in to the place we call home. Living in a toxic environment will not give you peace of mind, but getting up and leaving is easier said than done. Whilst you can not always plan the area you live in or know whether it will become ‘ up and coming’ or will be in need of regeneration, in a few years. If your area does not feel peaceful and you find yourself constantly worrying about what you would do in order to protect yourself or your family, it may be time to consider moving. If this is not possible right now, It is a good idea to find out what your option are. Staying put or remaining in your desired home should be an opportunity to turn your home into your Castle. Once you have shut the outside world out, you should make your home a peaceful place to be, By choosing calming colours, de-cluttering the rooms and ensuring that the people you invite in your home `Come in Peace’. We may not be able to bring about world peace but we can and should ensure what we can control is controlled to the best of our ability. Life can be hard enough without our home being a battlefield. Make a concerted effort to bring some peace into your life and home.

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