5thApril 2016

Knowing your Passion

Let’s go back a little, what if you don’t know what your passion is? How do I find it.

 What’s my passion? Look for it.

 At work

It’s that thing people ask you to do because you’re so good at it, It’s something that you’re good at BUT you also enjoy doing it, you could do it with your eyes closed.

 People at work seek you out, because no one can do this thing as good as you.

Is it baking when its some one’s birthday?

Is it cooking?

Is it writing a letter of concern?

Is it talking to someone who has personal problems?

Is it speaking up for advocating for someone?

Is it stopping arguments?

In your personal life

Are you asked to sing at weddings?

Are you asked to sing in church?

Is it doing hair?

Is it telling jokes?

Is it the ‘go between’. Years ago I’d have friends come to me with their problems, even married couples would come, sit at my kitchen table and just tell me their problems…..a counsellor in the making!

 Back to you, as before the same thing happens. People ask you to do this because you’re good at it, and you do not feel it is a chore, It’s enjoyable you love to do it.

 When you’re alone

Or maybe it is that something that you enjoyed as a child, that thing that you would spend hours and hours doing as a child........that something that you’ve not had a chance to look at since LIFE started and took over.

Adult Life has a way of taking over and stifling your passion. We get so caught up with going on to further education, getting a job, getting married and having children. This may not happen in the sequence mentioned but put it any way you like, life happens and we feel we have to put away personal passion ridden thoughts, and get on with life. We may have had to care for parents, children or a spouse, we have had to become the main bread winner of the family, all these Adult things will suppress those personal passion ridden thoughts.

Many women are great at this, they put everybody first and they deal with their wants secondary. I’m one of them. But I learnt that I could do a little me while having my babies. I decided that I would do a Open University degree while I was Pregnant, It took me seven years but I did it. That was a little me time, during those seven years life continued to happen.

I had three more children, making that six. I lost a house I had brought and rented out, My eldest child died at 16, my father died and I broke up with the father of the three children I had when I started my studies. My passion had no place to peek through, but when Iife settled and was alone my passion would make a re-appearance, Only to be pushed aside in-order to follow a career which led to jobs that I’d stick at for no longer than three years.

You can find your passion in whatever makes you happiest.

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