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Five week Mentor

  • Five week Mentor.
  • Daily Afrimation Emails - To keep you on track.
  • One phone or video call per weeek - In-order to answer your questions.
  • Hand held experience.

Why do you need a mentor?

  • Help using the Law of Attraction - To manifest
  • Are in a dead-end relationship but are afraid to be alone
  • Afraid of failure
  • Afraid of success
  • Struggling with your weight
  • Lack confidence
  • Are contemplating a career change or purchasing a business
  • Want to retire but don't know if it is the right time
  • Are an empty nester
  • Have recently retired and are having trouble adjusting or finding your passion
  • Are in your comfort zone - but feel stuck and unfilled at the same time
  • Lack passion
  • Have friendships that are past their expiration date but you are having trouble letting go
  • Are indecisive and lack clarity
  • If you are starting over personally or professionally

Who am I? I am Angela, you may have arrived here from one of my popular groups:

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My name is Dr. Angela Scott I am a mother of 6 grown up children and a grandson, my work career has span over 30 years. I have written a few books and can be found on Amazon. I have been a psychologist for over twenty years, during my 30 years working in Care. I have worked with young people with mental health issues, those with physical disabilities and others with behavioural problems, and homeless women who had mental health issues.

As a counsellor I have worked with adults, some of which were recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. I also worked with the Elderly, ‘End of life’ patients and their families.  Contact us today

Five Week Mentor
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