11th April 2016

Faith Without Works Is Dead

What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. James 2:14:17

In the princess and the frog adaptation by Disney, the then young girl portrayed by Brandy wished on a star, but knew nothing comes without hard work.

Ask and it shall be given unto you, Matthew 7:7

What are you wishing for? Blog@loveliveholistically.com

What are you spending good thinking time wishing for? The lottery to come up? You are going to have to buy a lottery ticket for that one! A new car?, house, job, a partner or a better way of life?

 What are you doing in order to get it?

Lets say it’s a new car. In order to wish aright, you have to have the right tools.

So, what type of car? I’m after a Bentley

What model?            I’m after the Continental

What colour?            I’m after a Gold/brownish colour

What mileage? Or do you want to drive it off the forecourt?

Do you imagine yourself driving it?

What does it feel like, have you got a picture of it, I’ve got www.trovit.com sending me Bentleys for sale, in the year, model and mileage I want. I look at Bentleys everyday. It’s even on my vision board, I am not telling you to make a vision board, but it couldn’t harm your efforts of getting what you want. What I am saying is, you do need to do more than wish.

Now, do you really believe you are going to get that new car, house, job, partner or better way of life? When do you want it – I’ll get my car within a year (watch this space)

Getting what you’ve wished for takes effect but you must have a clear idea of what it would feel like to have that car, house, new job. Do you know what it feels like, can you describe it.?

I had intended to buy a Bentley after selling my Jeep. Events would have it that my Jeep broke down and I needed a car for work, house hunting and the 101 other things I do. At the time it would have been a toss up between buying a Bentley or getting a home, well I couldn’t live in a car could I. - Back to my story. I decided that as I could not get my Bentley as promised after my Jeep, but what I would do is get myself use to a smaller car (nearer the ground) . The reason for this is, I love and drive big 4 x 4 cars. I have come accustomed to sitting up high and driving. I decided that I’d get ready for my Bentley by getting something smaller, which would get me use to seeing traffic from the level I’d see it when driving my Bentley. That’s just my act of faith. I see a Bentley every day – Every time I drive my car, I’m in fact getting ready for that car that’s lower to the ground. That’s all I can do for now on the Bentley front – What are you doing, to help your wish come through? Blog@loveliveholistically.com I am not too sure when or where I’m going to get my Bentley, but I am sure that I am going to get one. Don’t ask me how I know, I just know. I have never asked for something and not got it. Click here to leave your email address

Think back to when you was a child and you wanted something for Christmas, you’d wished you could have that new toy, you would see yourself playing with that toy. You imagined it in your hands, you knew what colour it was, if it was a doll you would have imagined combing its hair.

If it was a bike, you would have imagined riding that new bike and the look on your friends ‘ faces, you thought about what you’d say when they asked you if they could ‘have a go’ you’d say ‘No’ because your mum/dad said that no one was allowed to ride it.

You never once thought about how you was going to get this new toy, all you was concerned with, was coming downstairs on Christmas morning and seeing the parcel there waiting for you, you’ve also image ripping the wrapping paper off to reveal your new toy.

Now you can’t go asking for stuff you really don’t believe you can attain, It has to be attainable, you must believe you are going to receive it and you must do something towards getting it, even if it’s just looking at a picture of the item requested and imaging what it would feel like to drive, live in, work there or be with.

 That new house you want! have you thought about where it is? What type is it, terraced, semi-detached, detached. Has it got a brick front or is it cladding, maybe it’s peddle dash. How many bedrooms has it got, does it have an attic room, a basement, what is the colour scheme are you going to have once you get it? You really have to see it.

That job! what’s your position there, where do you go to work, are you going to drive or take public transport? what will you wear to this new job. How many hours a week will you work. How much does it pay? You get the gist, you really have got to know what it feels like to have what you’ve asked for?

I won’t go into detail about the new partner because you really could loose yourself in what he/she is like – Make sure it’s attainable and available.

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