About the CEO

Hi, My name is Dr. Angela Scott I am a mother of 6 grown up children and a grandson, my work career has span over 30 years. I have written a few books and can be found HERE. I have been a psychologist for nearly twenty years, during my 30 years working in Care.I have worked with young people with mental health issues, those with physical disabilities and others with behavioural problems, and homeless women who had mental health issues.

As a counsellor I have worked with adults, some of which were recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. I also worked with the Elderly, ‘End of life’ patients and their families.

As a single mother at 17 years old, I endured the death of my 16 year old daughter, evictions, studies, work place bullying, failed marriages and nursing my son out of a coma, to mention a few life experiences. I feel that I am equip to help you, and have a online courses or through mentor-ship in-order to guide you towards a specific goal or achievement. Contact us today





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