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Springboard 1-2-1

Springboard - Help is offered as a eight week online course  or through mentor-ship for a specific goal achievement. Contact me to discuss which one is better suited to you. Get the one-to -one help and guidance you have been searching for. Work with someone who can help you reach your goals. My name is Dr Angela Scott and as a psychologist ,I have spent the last twenty years helping people with their lives and would like to help you. You'll be surprised with the outcome when you know someone is there to help you see a brighter tomorrow. Someone who believes in your dream, and someone who is there for you at the end of a phone for immediate advice.

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Love live holistically has lunched a New Mentor Training Course.

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Mentoring, Advice, Support, Goals. Are you a ‘go to person’? Maybe your next role is as a Life coach or mentor. Love live holistically has lunched a New Mentor Training Course, with limited spaces. I am Dr. Angela Scott, a psychologist following my passion, to help others find and follow their passion. I also write a blog:  and have a few books published by Amazon 
For more information on starting a new career contact me here

Hi All , Are you  thinking of making a change?
I am  looking  for five  people to work with , free of charge......
This person would   need to have a particular (achievable) goal in mind,
Have the time to 'put in the work' to achieve it.
Be willing to  document the steps taken to their achievement
If you, or anyone you know  would benefit from   free guided 6wk  life  coaching please  contact me : or fill in the form Here.
Whats on offer-
121  guided advice, support and encouragement  for 6wks  -
Contact could be over phone, skpye and or email  -
Achieved Goal -
Answer the questions HERE and I will let you know if you have been chosen 
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