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Day Four -I AM Day.

Today you live in the moment.  Today You will live as if you have what you wished for! What would it feel like?...What will that new car smell like? Live in the 'as if' moment. Try and spend half a day living in what Neville Goddard calls 'living in he end' . When I live in the end I paint my nails, and whether I am staying home or not, I wear something 'nice'. My manifestations are often an 'upgrade' so being in the end for me, means looking better than I do now. Enjoy living in the end of your manifestation.  Make this an I AM day in which you focus on yourself, how you feel, how you look, FOCUS on how you will look and how you will feel when your manifestation appears.

I can not stress enough how important it is to ensure that you live NOW as if you have the item you wished for. 

Shelly Bullard gives us three questions to get us living in the end.

It is always fun to include others in your make believe....Kids are a great ally when make believing. One of my client, wanted a seven seater vehicle, so he could travel more comfortably on days out with this family of five children and his wife. This client pushed his dinning table to the corner of the room and placed seven chairs in the middle of the room as if they were seats of a seven seater vehicle. Two up front, three behind and two behind that. He then played make believe he was going to the beach and loaded the vehicle with all the towels, snacks and extra clothes they would need for that day out. He invited his wife, children and their dog to play along. They enjoyed their day at the breach! I am not saying that you need to go to those lengths of living in the end, but do something today that shows the universe that you are expecting your wished for item, in fact you will be showing the universe that you have your wished for item. Make believe impresses the subconscious to believe that you have the item, the subconscious will, in effect look around and say, 'I can't see the house, car, partner s/he is interacting with, let me materialise the wish'. Living in the end draws the item to you, you are essentially aligning with the wished for item. 

Here are some affirmations to help you through this day: 

Manifesting Affirmations

I am deserving of my dreams

I will receive my wish

I am a magnet of miracles

I am aligned with the energy of abundance

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Manifesting Affirmations:

I am attracting abundance

I am attracting all I wish for

I am strong

I am enough

All aspects of this day is needed to get you ready to manifest.                                                                                  Try Day Five My One - Day 5 - LifeWay Church

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