Welcome to Day  Five

My One - Day 5 - LifeWay Church

Day Five: Today begins your 'It's coming', I'll wait stage. Prepare to receive and BE happy to wait, if that is what is needed.

You rise to meet another day...Be grateful. Be aware of what you are putting in your body, keep company with only those who believe in your vision for your manifestation. Read your daily 'pick me up email' read your affirmations, contact your coach and stay positive.You are entering a very important stage of your manifestation...The waiting stage.

While you wait for your manifestation one should get on with their normal life. Sitting on the coach waiting for manna (manifestation) to drop from heaven isn't going to work. Remember, although you expect to get that car from a car show room or car dealership or the house from the traditional route, it is possible that your manifestation comes from an unexpected source. Would you be surprise you to get a letter stating that your long lost Aunt had bequeathed you a house or you win a brand new car, having entered a competition months ago! The answer to that is yes, you would be surprised, but note, The Law Of Attraction will move every stone to get you what you have asked for if you follow the steps and not waver. Bare in mind that there are a myriad of ways you could receive your wished for item once you continue with your efforts to get it. That could be filling out forms from the bank, the Estate agent, the finance company, viewing houses, test driving cars or going on dates! Keep going in the direction of your wish and do what you can, knowing that it will come. You should not give any thought to the HOW it will get to you, your job is to remain positive and expectant. 

Being expectant allows you to 'detach', this is one of the most important stages of manifesting. When you detach you have done two things....You have asked aright and believed your wish will be granted, that's it. You do not question the how your wish will be granted, you are not obsessed with getting the item and you are not desperate for the item. There is an art to detachment, your Manifestation Coach will talk you through this vital stage of your manifestation journey, as this stage can be difficult for some.

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As you wait, proof that your manifestation is close will appear as the opposite of what you want! There may be situations that will enter your life that is NOT what you asked for. (like getting more bills when you have asked for money to pay your bills) It is at this point you may begin to doubt that you will actually get your wish...Thoughts that are not productive may creep in at this stage...It is all proof that your manifestation is very close. I feel it's the Universe's last ditch effort to ask you 'Do you still want your wish granted'? Your Manifestation Coach is beneficial here, as it is important that you stay on task, stay in the moment of 'It's coming, it's on it's way'. It is at this stage that many give up and begin to manifest all the things they don't want, as the more they say what they don't want,the more they manifest it. 

You are so close to the end of your waiting time,  you must keep positive in the face of anything that appears to be a setback. There are so many stories of people getting close to their goal and giving up at the last minute. Use your coach, they will know when you are nearing this stage, read your daily emails and affirmations, they will keep you on track and in an expectant mood.

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I have often had dead lines for my manifestations, come and go without a whiff of the thing I had wished for, but this has never deterred me. I will insist that it is still on its way and I will receive what I have asked for. I stay in the mindset of 'it will come at the right time'. Remember, at this stage you need to stay away from anyone or anything that will discourage your positive mindset. Do not begin to self talk yourself into manifesting what you don't want. Note: What you think about you bring about....No negative thoughts about your wished for item.The Law Of Attraction is like gravity....It must come to you. You decide if it's what you want or what you don't want.

All aspects of this day is needed to keep you ready to manifest.   

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