Manifestation Bundle

Tools to get you manifesting what you want Now!

Manifest with Me ep. 1 🌾 Manifesting Basics - YouTube

What is included:

  • Daily emails to keep you encouraged on your manifesting journey.
  • A personal manifesting Coach who can be reached by email, video or phone call..
  • A tailor-made routine for your manifestation.
  • 'The Exhorted Soul' - You will receive a downloadable PDF from my book, the three chapters dedicated to the Law Of Attraction, when followed will give you in-dept knowledge of the Law of Attraction and aid your manifestation.

When you download the bundle, you will get an Introduction letter, the name and phone number of your coach. A form to fill in, this will allow us to create an individual daily routine and personalised emails for your needs. A PDF of the three chapters of my book 'The Exhorted Soul' dedicated to the Law Of Attraction. These chapters will give you an insight into the Law Of Attraction and what to expect at each stage (with personal examples). Reading these chapters will put you in good stead for reaching and manifesting your goal.

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Please note, if you are unable to download the Bundle, it means the course is full. Please check back in two weeks.



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