Welcome to Day One

OK! Day 1! Here we go! | Pickles are Cucumbers 

Yeah you're here! At last you will begin to live the life of your manifesting dreams.

Everything you want, what you 'really really want' will be yours if you ask and believe. 

Before we begin. You will have to ensure you will have the time to concentrate on this manifestation, as it will take some work on your part.

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Ensure you do not feel sad or depressed and you MUST NOT be desperate for the item you want to manifest. You need to be in a grateful happy mood in-order to manifest.

Use this day to consider your mood, how you feel about what you are about to receive. (Your manifesting Coach will help you with this part of your journey) With that said let's begin.

First – You have to ask. Depending on your age you will remember the saying 'If you don't ask, you don't get'. Who or what you ask for this manifestation will depend on what or who you believe in! If you believe that your God shouldn't be asked for money, then, perhaps you shouldn't ask your God. If you believe that the Universe provides for us all, then ask the Universe. Should you believe that we are all entitled to live our best life and we will receive it regardless who we ask, then you should use those thoughts to manifest what you want. That said, you must 'ask aright' You should add to your request 'If it is for me...I will receive it' reasons for this added statement can be found in my book that comes with the Manifesting bundle below.

You must ask for something, you believe is achievable, it makes no sense asking for something that isn't attainable in your current state of mind. You can start small to test the waters! Try it today. Ask for a £1 or it's equivalent in your currency. Ask, believe and you'll receive it. That's it, now forget about it. Don't consider how you will get that £1 justexpect it.

Trice gives you an insight into 'asking aright'

If this little test is done correctly. Today you will receive £1. This may come in the form of £1 off something you buy today, or a refund from a previous purchase. Someone may give you a £1 or you'll find a £1 either way if you believe, you will get that £1. email me the results manifesting@loveliveholistically.com 

Today consider your mindset, are you ready to manifest? Use this day to find things to be grateful for in your life. This could be waking up, the ability to feed yourself, bathing yourself, going to work, caring for your family. Nothing should now be taken for granted in your life.   All aspects of this day is needed to get you ready to manifest.

Try Day Two

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  • Daily emails to keep you encouraged on your manifesting journey
  • A personal manifesting Coach who can be reached by email, video or phone call
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  • 'The Exhorted Soul' - You will receive a downloadable PDF of the three chapters in my book dedicated to the Law Of Attraction, when followed will give you in-dept knowledge of the Law of Attraction and aid your manifestation.

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