The Law Of Attraction  – Penny instead of a Pound

(Part Two)

13th November 2017

The Law of Attraction is always always working. It works and it works every time we make a ‘wish’ or just ‘ASK’. The outcome may not be as desired. But there will be an outcome, you will manifest, you will receive. OK we understand that we will get what we ask for. So explain why I don’t get exactly what I ask for everytime? It’s as if things ‘part manifest’. Why does getting a penny instead of a pound count as manifesting, receiving or having ones’ wish granted? Well you asked for money! Maybe you need to be a little more specific, asking aright is important, then one needs to be grateful for what one has and for things to come. This will ensure you do not manifest the opposite of what you have asked for. An important aspect or process of the Law of Attraction is ‘Detachment’. This blog will explain why you get what you feel you may not have asked for and what you should be doing in-order to achieve the  best outcome of any wish.

For the benefit of this blog the use of the word Universe is to mean your God, A greater entity, Your higher self or All that there is. I will use the word manifest, receive and wish granted to mean what you have asked for, you ‘get’.

So back to asking for a pound and getting a penny.

Have you ever ‘put it out there’ in the universe that you want something and end up getting less than you asked for? It’s my asking for a pound and getting a penny theory. Remember the Law of Attraction always always, always work......Well you asked for money so you got money. One has to be less vague when asking, some people will write the amount they want on a piece of paper, then put it under their pillow. Rhonda Byrne, gives us a blank cheque from the bank of the Universe to fill in and keep until the money materialise. Being specific with a number I feel, keeps you ‘stuck’ on getting that number or figure. I try not to be too rigid when asking for money. I tend to focus on a particular bill being paid as opposed to a particular number or figure. I have often gotten a penny instead of a pound, looking back, I felt I had asked aright, but I do remember dwelling on the financial issue at hand. Now if I get a penny instead of a pound. I give thanks, I take it as a sign that my wish is about to be granted, and the universe is telling me that it is on it’s way.

How do you feel about getting a penny instead of a pound? Does it go a little like this? “I only got a penny” “I asked for money, real money why have I been given this?” “I haven’t been given what I ask for, this Law of attraction stuff, doesn’t work” What do you hear? I hear three more wishes. What do you think has happened to the original wish for money? Well the original wish was granted, you got a penny. Then you quickly set about making three more wishes. If you spend your time moaning (Action) about what you didn’t get, complaining (Action) that you do not have enough or not getting what you requested. You may even go on to state out loud “I will never get what I need” (Believing) Remember that Belief + Action = Manifestation! As mentioned above I tend to see that penny as greater things to come, in fact I become grateful for what I received.

Being grateful keeps you in the ACTION state. Gratitude is a great way of staying on task when trying to manifest something. While you are being grateful, there is no time to complain or unwittingly wish negative outcomes. I am grateful everyday, everyday I find something to be grateful for.

You should find at least five things every single day, to be thankful for. Here’s Five......I am grateful for my children, I am grateful for my Grandson. I am grateful for getting into my own King Size bed every night. I am grateful for the roof over my head. I am grateful that my home is warm, I am grateful that I had food to cook today. Is that more than five....I could go on and on and on and on.......Every day find five things to be grateful for. The more you are grateful, the more you will have to be grateful for....Why is that? The Law of Attraction is always working.....Being grateful, as mentioned above puts you in the Action stage. The action of being grateful pushes you into the belief stage (Action + Belief =Manifestation)

Ok, So I am grateful for what I am about to receive and what I have. But there are times however, when I do not feel grateful for the financial situation I find myself in. Having no money, needing to pay an important bill or buy food tend to leave you feeling beat down, although you are grateful for what you have, you just can’t help yourself thinking about what you need or want. How do you combat falling into that trap of manifesting more of what you don’t want. Try to think of the best outcome for your situation. Hard I know, but it’s the only way I know that works. Everytime I think of the negative financial situation I am in, I quickly catch myself and begin to think of myself writing a cheque to pay the bill or thinking up some other scenario to settle that bill. It certainly beats worrying about how and why I can’t pay it. What else can be done to ensure your wish is granted?

There is a stage of The Law of Attraction that many people do not adhered to, many people do not acknowledge or even know about it. I have mentioned this stage above, but you may have missed it. In order to ensure your wish manisfests correctly, one has to detach from the process of manisfying the wish. Lets go back to that child who expects their present on a certain day and perhaps at a certain time. (maybe a birthday) The child does not worry about how they are going to get the present, they just expect it. We need to become as a little child. Matthew 18:3 King James Version

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Unless you become as a little child you will not have you wishes granted. Detach yourself from the process, don’t worry about where the money is going to come from, how and when it is going to get here.

Many people often feel that detachment means not caring whether the wish is granted or not. This is not the case, if I ask for or need a bill to be paid, that want does not go away until the matter is settled satisfactorily. Deepak Chapra (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success) alerts us to the fact that “The Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result.”

Detachment is just like turning on the light in the bathroom. You want the light on (Wish) You turn the switch (Action) and you believe the light will come on (Belief) Hey Presto the light comes on. You do not find yourself considering whether the earth wire is connected or whether the loop is working. You do not even think about the bulb, you turn the light on and expect it to work. This is how wishes are granted just as or larger than you expect. There are wishes you make that seem to manifest quickly, these are often the ones with negative outcomes, this is when you get what you don’t want. Here is how we do this....... We say that it (whatever it is) is not going to work, we will not find the money we need on time, it is or we are going to be late. We then (act) in a way to prove our theory (belief) right. Then hey presto, we manifest our negative situation/wish. These wishes seem to happen with ease, that’s because we have perfected the art of believing and acting out our negative outcome. You detached yourself from the process, you did not work out how things are going to fail or how things were going to pan out, you just 'know' it's going to fail.Wayne Dyer, in this short video explains what happens when you chase after what you want (When you state what WILL happen and HOW it will happen) instead of letting it follow you. ( Turning the switch on and expecting the light to come on)

Does this make sense to you? Are you getting what has been happening to you? When you are aware of what has been going on, you are very careful what you think and say regarding your wants and needs. We begin to adapt a different attitude to asking for what we want.

Consider the consequences of not asking aright or unwittingly wishing for what we don’t want.. We know that our actions can bring about more of what we don’t want. We also know that saying “I want money” can have us manifesting a penny. In The Law of Attraction (part three) –The Spoken Word. We will look at the power of your words and show you just how many wishes you make throughout the day. Does it surprise you, that you make more wishes than you are aware of? The spoken word as you can imagine is of uttermost importance to the process of The Law of Attraction. Having a wish come true starts with voicing a command or making a wish. We have dealt with asking ‘aright’, every stage of expecting a wish to be granted is important, but by far the most important is asking in the first place.

In this blog we learnt the importance of asking, being grateful and detaching from the outcome. We looked at what we can do to ensure the best outcome for a wish made and noted that thinking of the process keeps you in the ‘doing stage’ , what we do in this stage will determine the outcome of the wish. I hope you now understand that The Law of Attraction is always working and all wishes are granted once you have followed the process of Wish +Act + Believe = Manifestation or Act + Believe = Manifestation whether they are granted to your specifications or not.

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