The Exhorted Soul - The First Three Chapters 

The Exhorted Soul – encourages you to put your soul to work to create the life you want. The Exhorted Soul alerts you to the fact that the Soul has many more functions, and can work, produce, and make your life exponentially better.
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Are you new to The Law Of Attraction? I have removed the first three chapters of this book and offer it as a pdf for you to download today. The three chapters  give you a concise, easy to follow 'how to' reach your desired goal.

The Chapters include:

Chapter One Law Of Attraction - The Process.

Chapter Two Law Of Attraction - Penny instead of a Pound.

Chapter Three Law Of Attraction - The Spoken Word.

Have a read and ask me questions on anything you may deem a hurdle in getting what you want......The most challenging process of The Law of Attraction is asking 'aright' which includes what we say everyday!

Get started today..I look forward to hearing about what and when you manifest.

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