24th May 2020

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Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth 3 John 2 KJV

The body and Soul go hand in hand, as we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Keeping the body healthy, warm and fed is in part, keeping the Soul happy, and that's our aim in life, to keep the Soul or spiritual part of our being happy.

This chapter will look at the part, our Soul plays in ensuring we make the right choices and how it communicates with us. The word intuition and soul or spirit is used interchangeable throughout this chapter. 

Do you realise that if you keep your spirit happy, you will never have to worry about anything for the rest of your life! I know that that is a big statement. Lets look at that statement. The Souls' purpose is to keep you safe, it is to look after your well-being and on the right path for your life. If the purpose of the Soul is to steer us in the right direction, how does it communicate?

In my book 'The Exhorted Soul chapter 12 - Soul Care.' I explain how our Soul speaks to us. It is through intuition. Intuition is that small voice within us that says, leave early for work today, if adhered to, we find that all other trains due to leave after that early train you took, had been cancelled, or you find that that impulse buy was a Godsend as it was needed a few days later, at a time you wouldn't have been able to purchase it.

On hearing or feeling what intuition wishes to convey, our human body may begin to explode with hormones, rushing to get to the parts of our body that needs it the most, for example in the case of a flight or fight situation, or we may just get a feeling that something isn't right. If we take the time to listen to what our body and intuition is trying to convey to us, we would always take the right action for the situation we are in or the decisions we have to make.THE POWER OF LEARNING TO LISTEN- SentinelassamListening to our intuition plays it's part in keeping the Soul happy, as we are aware that the souls' only purpose is to keep us safe and on the right path for our life, so acting on its advice (and it is only advice, because we all have free will) we would always take the right step for our lives. In my case I wouldn't have taken the first job that was offered, a job that didn't pay enough for the bills I had coming in. I wouldn't have accepted the rate of pay offered. I would have made better investment choices. If I had listened when my intuition told me not to purchase that item, I would have enough to pay that bill, I had forgotten about.

Living intuitively takes constant, even minute by minutes effort! Think about it right now....does something tell you to continue reading this chapter or is that something telling you to check the dinner you've put in the oven? Should you continue reading, after being told to check the oven, you may find that your meal is over cooked, or worst. That is just a simple example, but if we practice listening to our intuition or that 'something', telling us what to or not to do, our lives will be richer in every sense of the word.

If we listened to our intuition/Soul we would live in a world where every traffic light turns green as soon as we approach it. We would get the best deals, always get that parking space next to the exit etc etc...and should the traffic light turn red, we missed the summer deal or the parking spaces are all taken, we would remain in the knowledge that we were not meant to reach our destination yet, we were not meant to park where we normally park or there will be a better offer round the corner. This may sound like a cop out, but I assure you that when you live intuitively your mood is often more elevated than others...You see the world, your family members, friends, work colleagues and members of the public in a different light. Take for example that person who over took you, as you was approaching the lights, they drive through and it immediately turns to red. A person who lives intuitively will say something like...' They obviously need to get somewhere really fast' (or words to that effect) You will not shout at them as they whizz past, wish them unwell or stress out because you've been stopped by a red light! As for that summer offer that you missed, you'll know that there is a reason for everything, and you'll get a better deal somewhere else or that that money will go to something that may generate even more money...get the picture? Your thoughts go to a more positive place. As opposed to stressing over what you think you have lost or have been denied.

But having me tell you all of this is one thing, proving it for yourself is another. Think back at a time when you followed your gut feeling and things worked out to your advantage? Think back to a time when you didn't follow your feelings and things did not work to your favour! I know this is not proof enough for you to walk around trusting your gut in every eventuality. I know that following my gut feelings or intuition gets me what I want sooner and most of us know this too. So why do we not follow it?

We live in a world of ego and dear I say it the real world, where decisions are made instantaneously which can have catastrophic consequences. I have spoken about the role of the ego in my book. ' The Exhorted Soul chapter 11 - Ego'. The ego is that 'Other Voice' We hear when a decision is to be made. I propose you consider The Ego as an immature entity with a big head! Let’s call him Heady.

Immature Heady sees itself as the big I AM. Heady the Ego is self-absorbed, conceited, an entity that believes it is the labels others place on it. The Ego is self preserving. It will try and keep things how they are. In doing so, its aim is to keep you alive. For Heady, there is no need for change. The Ego has kept you alive thus far and things appear to be working. Heady understands there is no need to change ANYTHING if it’s working, however if the change involves you impressing others, the Ego will be all for that.

Think for a minute about leaving your job and following your passion….Did Heady appear? What did it say? I can imagine it saying ‘don’t be silly, how are you gonna pay the rent?’ Remember, The Ego is ‘what I have’. Starting a new venture may leave you with less than you currently have. To the Ego, leaving a dental practice to become a black smith (your passion) will hear the Ego shouting ‘What a black smith, instead of a dentist. A dentist is much more known, than a black smith. Remember the Ego is what ‘it’ does for a living and what other people may think of it. The Ego will keep you where you are in life, as change may take you to a place ‘less than’ where you are at the moment.

The Ego is selfish and would rather not see change as it may upset the equilibrium of your life causing you to fail! Ego wouldn't like that. 'the shame' what will others say?

You will have to distinguish between Ego talking and intuition. Daunting I hear you say. Practice makes perfect I say. If you prove intuition on an hourly basis you'll get to know or hear it's voice over the sound of ego. Here's a tip, The Ego will give you drawn out sentences to consider, why you should or shouldn't do something. Intuition on the other hand will only use THREE/FOUR WORDS e.g 'don't go there' 'leave early today' or 'don't buy that'

In my book 'The Exhorted Soul' I explain the reason one should live intuitively. My aim is to help you live a life of your dreams. I also propose that most people who have reached their goals in life would have exhorted their soul. (they had put their soul to work) As they would have gone within (listened to their intuition/Soul) in-order follow their goals. Let's give you an example here. Consider a person who wants to get into acting. Now I'm not privy, to what is needed to become an actor, but i'm sure there are different types of acting i.e stage/theatre and TV. If you feel this is your passion, you would have done some research into this art, you may have sought out some form of education, acting school or classes.

Perhaps you would seek out employment as an extra, maybe you'd get an agent who could point you in the right direction or get you some work.

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In an ideal world you would get noticed and became a big star. But real life has you coming out of acting school and having to get work wherever you can, as you have to pay the rent, this may keep you from following your dream and chasing a pay cheque instead. I am not about to say that if that person followed their intuition they would have been 'noticed' by a big production company and became a big star, the minute they stepped out of acting school. However a person who is totally focused on their goal, will instinctively seek out, and accept jobs that will either give them the wage they need and want or enable them the experience they need or want. Paying rent would not necessarily be the first thought. I know! (for me, this would be inconceivable as I had children), buying food would not be their first concern, either you and I know that these items are important, relevant and vital. But that persons' mindset would be focused on their acting, any thoughts that deter them from their goal may be ignored. This goal focused mindset may be open to the voice of their intuition, they may be tuned into what they feel would forward their career. This is not to say that Ego wouldn't pipe in, but they would consider these voices and decide what path to take. One can be 'too' focused, and hear only the voice of Ego, telling them to take any acting job offered. Whether it goes against their principles, morals or ethics. However, the mere fact that they are listening and having feelings that something could be right or wrong opens the door to hear or feel the Soul trying to communicate.

The scenario above is not an exact science and one should spend time considering their own 'feelings' about what they intend to do in any situation. The point I am trying to covey is, the goal we are trying to reach would be achieved sooner and with less stress by listening to our intuition. One may not consider, 'the what could go wrong', instead they would consider the end goal and how they will feel when it is reached. A mindset like that will inevitably encourage intuition, once adhered to will please the Soul.

I have mentioned in 'The Exhorted Soul' that our goal in life is to keep the Soul happy. I explain how we feel when the Soul is happy – Contentment and at peace has been mentioned to describe these feelings.LIVE LIFE INTUITIVELY - BOLD NAKED - Medium

Living intuitively

In an aim to live intuitively, ones' goal is keep the Soul happy. As mentioned above, if we know that our intuition is always right, why is it that we do not follow it. We spoke about the part Ego plays in answering that question. But 'as we are human and have been living a logical rational life thus far....If we tried to live any other way, we may not survive. We have had to live by experience and what makes sense! Learning to change our cognitive process can be difficult' (Lena Body(2019) Angela Scott, Lena Body, Amazon chapter 10 ‘Nose - Intuition’), Karen Young author of the article '9 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition (And Why You’ll Want To)' and Francis P Cholle author of the article 'The Intuitive Compass' state that - Intuition is powerful and can lead to amazing insights, but that doesn’t mean you follow it blindly. It’s still important to use common sense and a balance of rationality.

To follow your intuition or listening to what your Soul has to say to you, will make your life exponentially fuller, happier and less stressed. In my book 'Lena Body' some of the authors quoted in chapter ten 'Nose- (Intuition)' give their opinions or testimonies of living intuitively, here are few.

Juhea Kim (from peaceful dumpling) states that 'since I’ve begun living more intuitively, so many things changed. After feeling like a floater for most of my life, I found my home, sweet home in an upper-west corner of New York. I left my secure but stressful job to the most fulfilling, fun, and rewarding job: Peaceful Dumpling. Most importantly, I met someone when I was completely off-guard, at a bar where no respectable relationships are known to be born—and yet, I knew in my core that he was the One. I’d never planned for any of these things to happen. But my intuition lets me know that these blessings were just meant to be.

'My life fell into all sorts of previously unimagined opportunities and adventures which come good'. Sylvia Clare MSc. Psycho author of Trusting your Intuition.

'In my experience, nothing can compare with the pure joy, love, wonder, beauty and abundance that I have been able to enjoy from living intuitively. Living aligned with your intuition will allow for a fuller, happier and more satisfying life experience'. - 'Tuning In To Your Intuition: 7 Ways To Listen Up' By Katrina Love Senn.

Living intuitively is, to me, the only way to live. It has made EVERY difference in how I run my business, how I parent my children, my relationship with my husband, and my relationship with myself - Karen Geddis Author of article   '3 Simple Ways to Begin Living Intuitively Today'

In these series of talks – We mention taking care of the mind, the body and the Soul. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. We have to take care of the both of them.

This chapter stated that if you keep your body warm and fed, you would be working towards keeping your Soul happy. It is suggested that you wouldn't have to worry or stress over the small things, you wouldn't take the wrong job, keeping you there for ten years with no prospects of moving up, you would have the right job for the right pay. You'd find that most of the time you will be at the right place at the right the time. You will be the one who gets the bargains or win the prizes at events. You will be the one who chooses to invest in a company at the right time and selling before stocks plummet. Do you know anyone like that? Whether that person knows it or not, they have exhorted their Soul, they have put their Soul to work as they are communicating with each other constantly. Why don't you try it for 24 hours, let me know how you get on

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