If you have arrived here from Facebook, you would seen theses adverts EVERYDAY, in fact you would have seen them every hour.

New Book - Happiness
What makes you happy? This book looks at some of the teachings from Aristotle to modern day psychologists, on how to become and remain happy in an ever changing world. Many of you had sent me messages of 'what made you happy' and this is included in the book. Happy reading!
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Did you collect my FREE 5 day Manifesting Course?
Here's a Journal that will help you stay on track to manifesting your goals, it will enable you to think positive at the start of your day, log your hoped for wish (putting it out there), reminds you to think of your days' affirmation throughout the day and to log your gratitude at the end of the day.

You too, could have your advert, scheduled every hour.

I have several groups in which my adverts run on the hour every hour.

I can schedule your advert on my groups.

All you need is the link to your advert, and I will do the rest. Then expose others to your ad, every hour on the hour. Your ad will run from 8am - midnight each week.

Currently, My group Law Of Attraction- Manifesting Group has a 'Post your link day'

If you would like your us to post your ad each hour, fill the form and get started.

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Prices:£17.50 per week
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