6th May 2018

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6  (KJV)

What is trust?  A person on whom or thing on which one relies.

What makes you trust the food you buy? You trust the company you are buying it from.

Do you trust that you will get paid at the end of the week or month from your employer? Your answer is likely to be yes.

What makes you trust, when buying a car? You trust the car manufacturer or dealer, or perhaps you trust your research.

Do you trust your life will turn out how you planned? Or is there worry there? Perhaps you believe your life will go in the direction you have planned, but willing to see what happens.

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur trusting that your business will grow. Do you believe it will grow or are you just hoping it will?

To trust is to, believe.

If you have read my blog ’Law of Attraction’ you will know that once you believe a thing, act upon it, you will receive it. It has to work, it has no choice but work.

Do you go from day to day. Just hoping to get through the day, getting through your work day, getting through the issues at home? Maybe you wait for the weekend when you know for sure, you will feel better, as you will see your friends and family. Do you find that your weekends are better than your work week? I’d say you feel they are better,because you believe it will be.

What do you truly believe about your life? Really believe! Many believe that they will work until 64 years old, get a pension and hope that their health holds up. Have grandchildren and go comfortably unto a better place at the end of life. When you truly believe something you act on it. This blog will test your trust levels in a bid to get you to relinquish some of your everyday concerns.

If you could throw off all your troubles all worries, all your concerns. What do you think this would feel like? Would you be able to release them?

You’ve been holding on to your worries and concerns for so long, it may be difficult to relinquish them. Is it possible for an adult to feel truly carefree and reliant on an unseen entity? Being carefree may be difficult for most of us, as we have had to depend on ourselves every minute of every day.

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Let’s take a trip to the shops, after giving thanks that we have the ability to do these things, let’s set about leaving the house, as no one will be left in the house, we lock the windows and doors, we ensure that nothing is left on that could be a fire hazard, dress appropriately, ensure and have an idea of where we are going plus the fare or petrol to get there. We have to act socially (most of the time) to get us to our destination. Once there, we need to do what is expected of us, as an adult in a shop. Choose the items we want, navigate the isles without hitting other shoppers or the displays. Pay for the items and leave the shop then make our way home. As adults we depend on ourselves for the majority of the time, especially when we are left alone. Now add to our trip to the shop, one or two children, our responsibilities has grown!

Think of the many things we relay on our adult selves to do in-order to keep us safe and carry out our normal day. I cannot help thinking of the people who have to relay on equipment, a dog or other people to ensure their safety. I count my blessings everyday that I am able to get up and care for myself. But there have been times when I felt overwhelmed with financial and personal worries. Having no one to turn to, I have had to turn inward. I have had to trust that there is a higher force that will take care of me. You can do it to.

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Imagine you have taken all your concerns, financial, personal and business worries and left them at a door step, knowing you have done your bit and it will be sorted out. How does it feel?

This is not meditation. Meditation allows you to shut off your thoughts, relaxes the mind and body. This is connecting with your Soul. The part of you that is pure, where goodness lives, some people call it Source, some believe this is where God resides in you. Abraham Hicks, calls this ‘The Vortex’ Do you think you can get there?    

The function of the Soul is to look after our well-being, keep us safe and on the right path for our lives. The soul holds all the good we want for ourselves and others. The soul speaks to us through intuition. Intuition is that small voice inside us that says “Wait, Go, Stop, No, Yes, s/he is lying” and the many other discourse our soul tries to communicate to us. Many times we don’t hear these instructions because we are not listening, maybe we do hear our intuition but choose not to take its guidance.

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The Soul, like the body, needs to be or feel happy. When the Soul feels a threat to its happiness, you feel uneasy. Your intuition will tell you “something is wrong”. For example, constantly feeling unhappy about going to your place of work, is a sure sign that something is wrong. Your Soul will let you know, your intuition will tell you to make a change to this situation.

Once you know or remember that you have a safe place to go to, a place that will take care of you, a place that only wants good for you, you will naturally always want to be or go there. If this then, is a great place to be, why is it that we don’t take the things that concerns us to this place and leave them there to be sorted?

Imagine you are a happy child, who has no concerns other than ‘where’s mum? Oh she’s over there’ .This child knows that they will be looked after and that all their needs will be met.

Do you think you would be able to imagine, such a state? Here’s how you begin to do it….Trust or believe. This will allow you to escape for a moment and allow yourself to be free. Try it, just for a moment………………. How did it feel?

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Throughout your day, think of yourself emerged in water. Think of yourself floating on top of the water, while clearing your mind of any worry or concern. You know that you won’t drown, you will believe that you won’t drown, you trust that you will float. If you can imagine the feeling of weightlessness, floating or as a child with no care in the world. You will find that, in this space you do not think of the bills, you will not think about the Rent/Mortgage. You will not think of the relationships in your life, that are not going the way you would wish. You do not think of your work or work colleagues.  You only have light thoughts, if you must think, consider your weightlessness and that carefree feeling. This may not be easy, as thoughts of the bills or other concerns will return. Thoughts of ‘I can’t pay the rent’ or ‘That bill will not get paid this month’ or perhaps it is a relationship that has you concerned.  You MUST quickly deflect them. What I say to myself to deflect my concerns, is ‘I could go down that route and thinking about that bill (or any other concerns I may have), or I could return to my weightlessness’. I also acknowledge that I may not have the money in my bank at the moment to pay the bill, BUT, and it’s a BIG BUT….. It (the concern) will sort itself out, or the money is going to come in. I DO NOT begin to work out HOW it is all going to work out. I just believe, trust that it will get sorted.

I have learnt that it is a waste of time worrying about things I cannot change. If I could change the situation right now, I would. I would pay that bill. So for right now, the best thing I can do is know that God, The universe, Source will sort it out. Notice I did not say ‘I will let them, it, S/he sort it out. I said I KNOW it will be sorted. It is the feelings of knowing, that gets the job done every-time. When you believe, trust and leave it to the unseen forces to sort out, the outcome can only be favourable for you.

For me, there appears to be FOUR Steps. Here’s an example using a bill.

1 – I begin to think of a £100.00 bill.

2 – I know there is not £100.00 in my current account to pay this bill.

3 – I then remember that I have £100 in my savings account.

4 – I have to go to the bank and ask for the money to be transferred to my bill.

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So you have a concern (number 1), then (number 2), you become specific about the concern. Number 3 is remembering that there is a place (Savings account) that holds all that you want and need, that weightlessness state. (Number 4) You TRUST/KNOW/BELIEVE that the concern will be dealt with, and set about relinquishing the concern.

In the past I found number 4 difficult. The letting go of the concern. I found myself trying to work out, how my issue should be dealt with. There was nothing wrong with conjuring up good scenarios for the outcome of my problem, but to spend any time trying to work out HOW my concern should be resolved, proved that I had not fully relinquished the issue. For this to work you need to follow the process. Be specific, this could be all your bills, remember you have a place where you can leave your concerns, then know that it will be dealt with and walk away….leave it alone. This is how the best outcomes are achieved. Walking away may lead to a friend offering you the exact amount of money needed, or on calling the company you owe the money to, they tell you that your account will be put on hold for 30 days, giving you time to come up with the money. You may find that an outstanding invoice is paid to you, allowing you to pay the bill. There are any number of great outcomes to your concern. Using this method, you will have no need to come up with one yourself. Continue with your day, doing whatever you feel you need to do regarding your bill. For example you have had a bill for 20 days and the company has sent you a letter asking you to contact them, as you have relinquished the outcome for this bill, call the company and explain your situation.

It would be great to tell you, that all thoughts of the bill or issues will leave you. That is not the case, especially if you alone are responsible for paying the bill or responsible for sorting out the issue that has arisen. When thoughts of the bill come up, repeat step 3 (remember you have a place you can leave it) Let me know how you get on  

Now it is important to have your feelings in check. One could have financial concerns, relationship concerns, work related issues all at once. How can one become specific in this situation? Your mind will help you find your worst issue, by ensuring you think of all your concerns, all the time. You will find that you think of nothing else, that is, the bill you can’t pay, the issues at work, the problems with your family members, you will go on and on. How can you possibly decide on one issue over another, in-order to complete number 2 of the process? Constantly thinking about your many issues will keep you in a Negative state. Remember what you think about you bring about. In order to request a peace of mind, which will ensure all your concerns are taken care of….You simply say and trust that ‘EVERYTHING is working in my favour, Everything is working with my best interest in mind, Everything is working for my Good’. You just completed the four steps in one sentence. This is you being specific (Everything) you have remembered you have a place to leave your concern and you have left it at the doorstep. “Everything will get sorted”, then get to stepping.

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How much trust do you have in what you have just read  If you trust it will work for you and follow the steps. It will work for you. If you do not believe it will work, then it will not work. The process can be difficult at first, but if you re-train your thoughts you will be surprised at the results. I would be grateful for any feedback. Please let me know how you got on.

This is more than just going to your happy place, when you have to do something you don’t want to do. This is trusting knowing, believing that you have a place, deep down inside of you that will get things sorted one way or another, and the outcome is for your benefit. As everything is working for your good, everything is working in your best interest.

How do you deal with critiques that say things work out themselves anyway? If you do not pay a bill and do not call the company you owe the money to, they may send the bailiff to your home. If you call the company they may give you 30 days grace anyway? Everything works itself out.

My answer to that is, there are two ways of getting things sorted out or for a concern to come to a conclusion. One, do nothing, but worry about your concerns, conjuring up all the awful things that can happen to you. Feeling the shame and embarrassment at having to call the debt company or having to deal with a bailiff. The constant worry of your relationship and what the other people or person could be doing or saying behind your back. The concerns of working where you do and the people there. Remember these thoughts will go around and around your mind throughout the day and everyday until it is solved. If you are anything like me, while I have these thoughts swirling around and around my head, I have had to get on with my daily life, either caring for my house hold or patients at my place of work. All the time trying my hardest to not present as upset, smiling and outwardly pleasant while suppressing what is really going on. This is one way of doing things or accepting that you have an issue or concerns.

The other way is taking a four step process and believing it will work. It will cut out the torment you put yourself through. It will ensure that you get an amicable outcome to your issues. It will alleviate stress in your body, It will stop the worrying about every phone call or knock at the door. These things will be eliminated. So which way do you choose to deal with a concern or issue?

Trust, we all put our trust in many things, organisations and people throughout our life time. We may not even be aware of the amount of trust we put in the hands of others, we often believe that we have made informed decisions when buying something and trusting that it will look, taste, feel or be good. Without much thought, as adults we trust that we will be able to get up, get dressed and preform all our daily tasks. We make trusted decisions every second, we have to, in-order to keep safe and survive. As we go through life we encounter issues, concerns or problems, these are often dealt with, to mention a few,  by talking to someone who can offer help or advice about the issue, by changing behaviours, taking medication or getting more money. But there are times when we know what is needed but do not have the means or feel we are able to get it.

Having the affliction of Proud, I would not ask anyone I knew for help, so would call the companies I owe money to and say that I could not afford this months’ payment, making arrangements to pay but defaulting, as I had not got a new job in time to keep to the payment plan made. After making these plans to pay. I would agonise over the fact that I did not and probably will not, be able to come up with the money owed. This was made worst by having a bailiff knock on my door, in full view of my neighbours. Then I found that I could stress less by either putting all my issues in a bundle and leaving them at the doorstep of my soul, or place them there one by one and walk away, knowing that they would get sorted. Manna would not fall from haven, but I would get the answer or the money to solve my issue. I also knew that whatever happened after walking away from my issues, would be with my best interest in mind. As adults, some of us don’t often get the privilege to walk away from problems and know without a shadow of a doubt that they would be solved. So being able to use this four step system to solve my issues was and still is a God sent!

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