I would like thank everyone who has wished me well. I appreciate your wonderful messages and comments.

First of all I would like to salute  you for being so strong in your  adverse and difficult life... It is itself an inspiration, and should be for everyone who reads you... You have written this blog but i felt as if you are talking to me, just sitting before me patting me on my shoulder. In one sentence I would say, what you have  written is nothing but a higher power of inspiration mind, heart, brain motivating medicine...and most of us need it to live a real, passionate and practical life. I wish that you will shower your all practical knowledge so that all will be able to benefit and find what they are passionate about in their lives. Because they will be able to live a peaceful and enjoyable life.... We want more....S.S

Great going girl. As I was reading your blog I could connect with each and every word!! Well good luck to u. Waiting to read more. G.K

I have read your amazing blog and it has lifted me up immensely.
We learn lessons everyday and like you say the universe repeats if you don't learn from it the first time.You have really inspired me this morning to find my passion - Well, I know what it is - I must 'unblock' to let it burst out of me.

-Can I share your blog on my fb page please to inspire and help others?  F.F

God bless you in anything you do for good... Thank you

Thank God for your creativity...E.I


Really Inspirational Thoughts I Appreciate You...R

I was going thru your blog, such an uplift for my spirit this morning. Have a blessed day. A.M

Angela Scott you are an inspirational leader to me:)
The greatest!!!! Mentor who have the potential to go even higher I treasure your friendship I would love to shake your hand that would be a dream to shake hands of great leaders I believe in you:) N.S.P

This woman held me through out my research. She held me in her heart and thoughts. When my struggles were at large, she helped me to sustain grounding. She kept me above water, with power of her KNOWLEDGE!!!!!

She stayed with me in my journey in the Research of Inspire Enterprises. I have nothing but respect for this beautiful woman. With the power of love and light to you and your family. Kia ora...N.P

I don't have a stable job and I am doing farming to support my family. I live in a rural area near the lake. Where I live we have a lot of Aids Orphans who live with their grandparents who can’t afford one dollar a day. I decided to start a pre-school, we offer meals and education through  the support of my friends and also the food from my farm. I was almost giving up because some of my friends who were supporting my project, decided to pull out and I an maintaining 12 orphans alone I felt that it was impossible. I have been asking myself where will they go. But your articles have encouraged me and I have changed my mind I will press on and that will remain my legacy..... WA

Hi Angela, this is amazing. You really have done a great work for writing and recording such stuff......MC You are exceptional.. Your words are motivating, I just wanted  you to know  because you have captured my heart and I feel cool and secure about it....J

Dr Angela I want to thank you for inspiring  me with your powerful Blog post, I really love it.....P

I Iike you because you're such an inspirational person thank you.....D

Hi Angela. I'm inspired by your story & I believe in my dreams of becoming a great writer who will not only inspire others but will change d ills in society. I write books, I've always loved writing since I was little. My love & passion for writing made me want to join the Arts class in high school & College. I'm a student. Thanks for your Blog posts which makes people like me inspired...

 I love your blog and I love the articles.....Dr. B

Hi Angela Just read your blog. I love it! ......SD

I myself cherish your inspirational massages. Blessings. Blessed be the name of the Lord........RK

Lot of thoughts, I admire you Miss Angela....BQ

Hi Angela Scott, You are very inspiring with Words. What a Blessing. Peace of God! Stay Blessed. ........SI Enjoy your articles on HOLISTIC LIVING .....K

It's indeed very inspiring, great sharing! Carry on empowering others...you're making a difference in other's life.....IB

Since I began to think positively in my daily life i've started seeing new way to escape the worst of my actual condition..Thank you Angela Scott you are an inspirational for humankind.......GC Hey Angela . Ur site is really great. I do have some self healing books as well as audios in case u wanna have them let me know.....S

Love the topics on your blog, Angela. Good stuff!........JH

Great blog Angela. I agree with you. I do what I do because I am living my passion...xxx CW

Comment on blog entry: Who are you dimming your light for? This is beautiful. I've had this problem for years. God bless you. I will NOT shut up and sit down because others are uncomfortable around me..... Rev.E.S

H Angela, I really love your Blog. Last night I found time to read your posts in details. It is awesome..I am also working on it.....BT

Good afternoon Angela. I just wanted to say to  I have started to look at your blogs ...I like them. ......CW

Hello Angela the content on your blog is something that is with me all times.........WR

Your site is totally encouraging! I love it.....CS

Good morning CS Thank you for dropping by my site. I am so pleased that you felt encouraged. What resonated with you? 

The positive thinking and the biblical. Too many in our wonderful world are so very negative. And too many Christians never mention a single thing they believe (or even that they do). Your scripture reference was there but not in your face - by your works rather than your words - most Christians don't know how to witness like that because they are not practicing- they are in the world as much as the secular. And too many Christians are so IN YOUR FACE that non-believers just think they are judgmental freaks., and I like holistic anything because it uses what is here for us.......CS

Thank You - Read quite a bit of your blog. Please stay in touch- we are on the same wavelength.......K

I appreciate very much your Blog Angela . They are encouraging, inspirational and sometimes thought provoking. Everyone is facing something in this life and we all can learn from each other.......KP

They are great blogs, I can recommend it as Spiritual intelligence, where one can find and follow their passion and what to do with it. I really appreciate that, My best regards......MA

Love your blog..it's so inspirational.....GH

Hey angela!  your Blog  is amazing, love it!........A Great Blog :)..........MF

Hi, Angela. Found your Blog very encouraging. Thanks again..........TH

Cool website........JN

You always inspire me........RS

Angela, I haven't read the whole blog yet, I'm in hospital, but I will, today hopefully, but I'd just like to say that I understand. I'm in the position where I can't work conventionally because I'm in constant chronic pain and your words have already started to lift my heart. Thank you-.......T

Awesome thanks Angela..I enjoy reading your blogs..keep rising sis.......PG

I like what you do. thank you Angela........TK

You give me sometimes, the  strength to go forward my Sister. Jah bless......JD

Thats great Angela, you are doing a fantastic job! l will follow you & your journey. Thank you.....A

I look up to you in sooo many ways Angela~ I was also a single mom, ...thank you for sharing part of your story. You inspire me! :)LK 

Very nice Angela I love to read your blog.....BT 

I have been reading your Blogs, I enjoyed reading your patience article on your blog. It was as if I had written that myself....... you are so inspirational to me. Thank you ........CS

This is definitely u!!! She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming, and she sings when she feels like crying. She cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid. Her love is unconditional. There's only one thing wrong with her. She forgets what she's worth! Pass this to every beautiful woman you know. Remind her that she's unique. I love you girl .LH

Wow Scott you're a genius...B.A.M

I am feeling inspired by you. Gonna follow in your footsteps.......TH

Angela Scott, you're good, love you.......RJ 

 Keep inspiring.....RS

Yeah you truly are enlightened it's a spiritual service most of us aren't walking in the fullness of who we are fulfilling the calling of why we were sent. I'm totally in love with your mind and ease of communication It's always refreshing when some one gets it Have a great one..........AW

Madam Angela thank you so much for inspiring my faith,hope and believe about my future.........AB 

Thanks Angela Scott for all you have done to keep my mindset positive. God bless you and wishing you all the best in 2017.......RE 

 I would love to read anything and everything that you have wrote Angela. I really appreciate the opportunity to do so. THANK YOU! LK

Happy New Year Angela! Since you first posted your blog page I have been enjoying your many excellent articles and quotes. We have much in common in life and like many of the same things. I am sure there are so many women who feel the same way that I do about your blog as I feel it was written for me. Thank you Angela....KA 

Angela your post impress so much.........AN

It looks as if you've decided to live a life dedicated and in service of others . Most admirable , it's people like you that change the world for the better , Thank you ,Angela , dearly .......LG

Thank you for all you do......SC

You are such a blessing, never forget that....RM

It's great to read and understand the blessings coming from you......SS

Thank you Angela  already have picked up some great things - sending gratitude x a billion, light and good energy vibes back to you and everyone here - what a fantastic group...DI

Hello! Thank you for creating the space here for us to help each other hold our desires up and into the light and making the laws of attraction work even more! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great night everyone! KA


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