28th July 2018

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15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise. Proverbs 12:15 King James Version (KJV)

What is Perception? Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. Perception is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. Perception plays a large part in our waking lives. We use perception to make sense of the world we live in, we use perception in order to attend to our every-day duties. Without the use of perception, life may be difficult or challenging.

This blog aims to give you an insight into the ways we use perception in our every life, from waking to going to sleep.

In this blog you will become aware of how often you take your perceptions of  situations for granted, you will be made aware of the way perception is used to cause negativity in your life and show that a change in perception of any situation can  serve you in a positive way.

Let’s start this simple by giving you an example of how we take our perception for granted and often encourage little droplets of negativity into our lives:

A person trips over a stone, the observer says, ‘What’s wrong with him, can’t he see where he is going’? (the droplet of Negativity) The person who tripped, saw what looked like an heart shaped stone, staring too long at the stone as he was walking, made him trip over it.

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The observer perceived the situation differently to the person who tripped over the stone. Our perception of a situation or even the day ahead, can set us up for either positivity or negativity to enter our interactions, our situations or even our whole day.

We often use perception in-order to get though our day. We perceive, rising at the right time to begin our day, we plan or perceive the outcome of our day, putting in little scenarios here and there. For example, I need to leave work early today, in-order to catch the garage, for an oil change. We can be found perceiving the hell out of that trip to the garage. ‘ I am going to hit traffic on the way to the garage, when I  get there they are going to say that it’s too late to do the oil change, as they close in 30minutes. I will have to make another appointment, which has me leaving work early sometime next week’. For the purpose of this ‘going to the garage scenario’ we won’t go into what is perceived about having to ask the boss to leave early twice in one week….Back to the oil change. We tend to have at least two scenarios’ to any given situation.

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Here’s another for getting to the garage on time to have an oil change. The mechanic does the oil change but will tell you that several other things need work, they say they can do it while you wait.. As you have no idea what they are talking about or any back bone to say ‘No,  just the oil change please.’ You leave the garage £756.47 lighter and a little pissed off.

Scenario Three- As you have grown spiritually, you know you will get to the garage on time, as you are human you get a little rattled when you hit some traffic and have to phone the garage to say you are going to be 10 minutes late, but managed to get there on time. You have your oil change, no one tells you about any other issues with your car, you leave, all is well. These scenarios all started with your perceived ideas of ‘what is going to happen at the garage’

As mentioned above we perceive out comes all the time. It allows us to remember how to complete tasks. Wanting a cup a tea has us perceiving walking into the kitchen and putting the kettle on, finding a cup putting the tea in the cup. Depending on our preferences we add one or two other accompaniments and bingo….we have made a cup of tea. We then perceive where we will sit or stand to drink it. Perception is forward thinking. Perception is assumption, we assume things based on what we believe.

So our perception of the world we live in is based on what we see, what we believe, what we assume will happen and what we can control.

Hers’s an example…..I (believe) that there will be a world war III as there are so many countries at war with each other (see) there is nothing we can do to stop it (control)

To me, the above statement sounds like scenario two of the oil change saga. Again, in the back of your mind you know there’s another scenario, that of, Human beings are evolving, we are beginning to respect each other, yes there are wars but with more communication people will begin to come together and embrace  one another’s differences, be it cultural, religious or political.

We know that what we think about comes about, having knowledge of the Law Of Attraction. Why then has our perception of situations become so disjointed. We tend to have great perceptions of our loved ones’ lives, but, as soon as there is a problem, a controversial conversation or situation arises, that great perception of their life can change in a spilt second. Remember the parent pacing the floor because their teenager is two hours late home!…Our perception of their whole life is played out in our minds, before we see or hear from them. Isn’t it great that our quick thoughts don’t change situations, isn’t it great that we can bring our thoughts back to reality and realise that certain thoughts are just thoughts and can be banished as quickly as they entered our mind? So if our perception of the world we live in is based on what we see, believe or assume will happen, why do we not control what we can?  Why do we not control our thoughts?

Lets leave putting our world to rights for a while.

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Let’s apply my theory of perception to driving behind a slow driver …….what do you see--- Someone driving really slow. What do you believe? They are going to make you late, (and we know that can spiral into a whole day full of mishaps, if you give your mind half the chance). Your assumption - They can’t drive, they probably haven’t passed their test, they are going to stop in a minute and I’m going to bang into the back of them. (That alone can have your mind tail spinning into all sorts of scenarios) You have just ticked three of my perception theory boxes. What can you control in this situation? Yes you’ve got it, your thoughts. Having had all those thoughts regarding the slow driver running through your mind, could have you trying to over-take this car into oncoming traffic! (Control)

What if I told you that the driver in-front had just received a call from a friend, who asked to be picked up from an address, as they were unable to drive because of a serious incident. The friend who was worried and not knowing the area , is trying to find number 105 on the street you end up travelling down, unfortunately for you, behind them. Has your perception of the driver changed? See how easily you can change your perception of a situation by controlling what you think?

The examples above are to make you aware of how you see things, and just how easily you can take control of your thoughts, you really don’t have to react to everything you see. The examples above are to prompt you to STOP and view what you see in a different light to how it is presented. In fact they are to remind you to react to every situation with positivity.

Life can sometimes have you seeing things, situations or issues in a light that does not exists . How did you view the last issue you had to deal with? Did your perception of the situation have you worried, scared or in fear? How did the issue or situation pan out? Was your perception of the outcome correct? Perhaps there were elements of your perception that was right? Be honest here. Did you have two perceived outcomes?  Our perceptions of situations, and people gives us permission or direction of how to act or react. ((((((We are aware of the many people who have been shot dead because the person holding the gun perceived the situation as hostile and one that threatened their life, as the perception gave them permission to save their life, they shoot))))) The example above may be a little extreme but consider your life and try and remember the many times that your perception of a situation gave you permission to act or react a certain way. I am here you tell you to think twice, we know that we often get at least two scenario’s to every situation. Spending time to step back and become aware of your thoughts will give you time to decide on the best possible outcome. That outcome will always always have you less stressed, stepping back will give you time to conquer up a good scenario to the situation, again what we think about comes about. Imagine the effort and time you’ll be putting into getting a good outcome to your situation. Imagine the amount of positive vibes you’ll be sending out to the universe, to God, regarding this situation! Now think of what you normally do!! Is there a light blub moment? We tend to send out negativity because of our perception, then wonder why things didn’t turn out better.

“A lot of the pain we are dealing with are really only thoughts” This quote sums up how we often use perception to give us permission to worry, in doing so we take comfort in the knowledge that we are doing something whilst in a situation that is uncomfortable. Our perception should always be of a good, if not great outcome to any uncomfortable situation.

Now I could use this part of the blog to talk about some of the people who fought through, in the face of adversity to victory. Three springs to mind from the bible:

Daniel in the lions’ den

David in front of goliath


Job who lost his family, his health and all his wealth.

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They did not have to use my two scenario theory there. The perceived outcome for all three of these men was death. Non of them busied themselves with worry or just laid down and died. They all could see something beyond their perceived fate. Do you ever look beyond your perceived situations?  Can you name a few of our modern day heroes or heiresses that looked beyond their perceived fate…Of course you can, but as you know I like to bring my blogs back a little closer to home. As parents some of us have had no choice but to look pass our perceived fate and deal with uncomfortable, sometimes devastating situations, while the effects of adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine run through our bodies. Did you know that you have the ability to deal with every situation in your life with a well thought out strategy? We have spoken about knowing that you have a ‘place’ to leave your problems in ‘trust’ that strategy gives you FOUR STEPS. Here all you have to do is perceive a great outcome to your situation. mmmmmm I hear you sigh, not all situations turn out good or great even if you sat there are willed it to. I appreciate that statement. I find that even with all the will in the world, things are gonna turn out how they are gonna turn out…All I can do is wish it well, good or great. Not sit around and worry or stress over it. I now know that everything is working for my good, somewhere in this ‘situation’ I will gain something…..That something could be a lesson or a prize, either way I gain.

We can all think of situations that we have been in, at the time appeared daunting, from a loss of a job to the breakup of a relationship. We may be able to look back at that time and say, it was a blessing, because I went on to do this or be with this person. Now consider how less stressful that situation would be, if you had decided at the beginning that, the situation is sad but, what is meant to be will be, if there is anything I could have done to change the situation I would have. Imagine looking pass the perceived outcome and conquering up a good one.

So the next time you have a situation that presents as a challenge, what will you do? Well, you’ll probably quickly think up two scenarios or outcomes to the situation, based on what you see, believe and assume will happen. Having read this blog, you know that the fourth element of perceiving an outcome is ’control’. Why not start with control and decide to conquer up a positive conclusion to the situation, as you spend time thinking of a good or great outcome, you will be sending out positive vibes to the universe, telling God that this is what you would prefer, try it. You have been doing the alternative for years. My way puts you in the ‘all to gain’ category. You have nothing to lose.

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