The Law of Attraction -The   Spoken    Word

(Part Three)

9th January 2018

That first cry we make as we come into the world is a welcome sound,  we then use that cry to communicate or make our wishes heard, until we are able to ‘communicate’ our demands with the shake of legs and arms.

The first time a mother hears ‘mama’ her heart melts. The sound of what we class as the spoken word is a joy to behold.

I remember wondering when my first child Samantha was going to speak. I would call my mother every week saying she doesn’t speak, her response was she will and you will appreciate this quiet time. She wasn’t wrong, Samantha grew to be opinionated about everything.

As children grow, most of their utterances are wishes “I want, I want, I want” We grow to learn how and when to ask. Growing spiritually we realise the Power of the Spoken Word.

If you have read my work, you may have come across ‘The Tongue and the damage it can cause’ Here we will concern ourselves with the wishes we make every minute of every day, some of our wishes present themselves as less than favourable events in our life, causing us to wonder what happened or do the “Why me “speech. This blog will show why most if not all our wishes are granted.

Let’s consider the simplest of comments. Consider Parents or guardians  standing at the school gate waiting for their little darlings to finish school. One says to the other “Has jimmy had measles yet”! The response would often be “Yes” or “No not yet” The response is never, ‘he may never get measles’ The power of the spoken word by Florence Scovel Shinn alerts us to the massive impact our spoken word has on our everyday life. When you are aware of it’s strength, one considers each word. Back to the adults at the school gate, we may be aware that most children get measles if they are surrounded by other children who have the measles. But have you considered the fact that your child doesn’t have to have the measles? This is whether they are surrounded by children who have measles or not? Or is it inevitable that your child will and must catch measles? What you believe you will attract or catch!

Let’s have a look at the wishes we make on awaking.

‘I hope I am not late’

I didn’t sleep well, my whole day is gonna be XXXX

I’ve got to do this task, that task and I have got to remember to do the other I’ll never get them all done.

So you find that you was late – Wish granted

Your whole day was xxxx-Wish granted

….and you didn’t get all your tasks done –Wish granted

You spoke the word and hey presto, like magic your wish was granted. For those three wishes to be granted you had to follow the process say it, believe it and act.

I hope I am not late – has you already believing that there is a chance you are going to be late. It would only take one instant e.g the cab got to you late or the bus arrived late, perhaps you spilt coffee on your shirt or blouse, all here to confirm your suspensions that, you are going to be late and cement that belief. Your actions whatever they are, will be preformed with, I am going to be late in mind. You drop your bag and the contents falls out, you drop your laptop which has your presentation on it. You snag your trousers leg on the chair as you rush around the house, madly trying not to be late.  I often catch myself rushing to do ten million things before I leave the house in my rush to do as much as possible and leave the house on time, you can imagine how well I washed up the dishes that was in the sink or how well I swept the floor. In my rush to do as much as possible I end up causing myself more chores in having to re-do things. All these extra chores were born out of the belief of ‘I might be late’

Now I am going to be late could be just a thought- There is no belief in your words or seeking out proof, and the thought is just fleeting. You do not rush around in a manic rush, causing cataphy in your wake…… and you arrive on time. Your words and thoughts have moulding powers!

I didn’t get much sleep last night, my whole day is gonna be **** . Have you really had a good or great day after uttering those words? Be honest Any instant that helps you prove your statement or wish, will become a belief. Say it/Believe it/Act. Remember we act on our beliefs. Coincidentally that morning when you put the key in the car ignition, it chooses not to work- Oh My Days. There you have it, no need for any other proof. It’s gonna be a **** day. Why? Because you didn’t sleep well the night before!

I’ve had days like that, and I’ve had the fleeting thought that as my night was full of wake, sleep, wake, throw the covers off, because I was too hot. Now I have to go to the toilet. Now I can see day light. I have not had enough sleep and can’t go back to sleep. So my day may have **** moments. I remember having one of those nights then going to work. That morning I had to park 15 minutes away from the works car park as there were no spaces. Having got into work my computer wouldn’t let me log in. After 20minutes I moved to another computer, which took another 25 minutes of not working before I moved to yet another computer. As I sat there I began to demand/state that this day is going to be a good one. I was not going to ALLOW my day to take on its own momentum. I was going to be in control and this day was not going to go downhill it was going to be a good day. In fact I insisted on it. I could see where this day was aiming and I refused to let it get there. I may of thought it was going to be a **** day, but I refused to believe or act on it (I know how the process works, you see)

We have looked at being late and having a **** day. Being able to get certain tasks done in a specific amount of time without making wishes to the contrary should be easy. With all the things you have to do, you will never get them all done. Correct? You find the task that you felt would have taken 5 minutes, take a full hour and its never the last task, it’s the one just before the last and an important task that has to be done today. You have invested 40 minutes into that task so you may as well get it done! Been there? It once took me a whole day to remove a toilet seat. Yes – I’d moved into a new house, (I use the term New, LOOSELY) The toilet seat blots had wielded themselves to the nuts, no amount of WD40 was going to shift them, the tools I had were inadequate. I had to drive to the hardware shop and buy some tools, come back and try them, finding out that they didn’t work I return to the store to buy other tools, drive home and try those.  You get where this is going?, My 10 minute job took the whole day, trying to prove to me that I will not get all my chores done in one day. It’s right here you make a wish “I’m not going to get all my tasks done today” Any wish made must manifest, because the universe conspire to make it so.

I have also had days when I have done a million things and it felt as if I swam from one task to the next with ease. Those days did not start with a mental list of things I won’t get done. There was no rushing around causing me to make mistakes that have to be corrected. Thus causing more time on a task than was initially planned. OK so that’s ‘common sense’. It is also a part of the process of The Law of Attraction. The longer a task in your list takes to complete the more proof you have of not completing all your tasks. The more proof you have, the stronger the belief that you are not going to get them all done.

We all have fleeting thoughts as we go through our day, but if we begin the day with a wish that we would rather not be granted, we could be setting ourselves up for a ****day.

Do you mind your words in everyday off the cuff or causal conversations? Most of us don’t and we willingly make wishes throughout the day:

A) I’m sure I won’t get a parking space, when I get there.

So you are driving to the store. It’s a busy Saturday afternoon, on arrival at the car park you proclaim “I’m sure I won’t get a parking space” Your wish will be granted 1) Because you made the wish. 2) You begin to act on your belief.  You begin to act in such a way that you won’t notice, that woman who has just emptied her trolley and is about to drive away. You are following the crowd and refuse to go to the upper storey where there are always spaces. You believe there will be no spaces, so there will be no space……for you!                                                         

B) I bet they won’t have my size 

Now, what size do you take? I am sure your size has been sitting on a shelf or a haute coutures’ manikin at some point before ending up in the very store you have just entered. Why would you make a wish like “they won’t have my size”. But we do, maybe not intentionally but we do. So you look around the store for 20 minutes, you don’t find your size so you ask the assistant if they have your size in stock. The assistant goes away and returns with “We’ve just sold the last one in that size” B I N G! Wish granted.

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C) I’ve got a cold coming, I can feel it.

Yes you certainly have a cold coming, because you just wished it, believed it and acted upon it by convincing yourself that you can feel it. End of! No need for any other action or proof here, you’ve got your proof, you sneezed! Plus James who sits next to you, has a cold. Come to think of it, that woman on the train this morning sneezed in your direction. There you have it.

Alright Alright, If you’ve read this far you know I am being obtuse. There are mornings or throughout the day when we have these fleeting negative thoughts. But they are just fleeting and we do not act on them. There are also times when we have these thoughts and we then go on to have a great day. Things work out. Why? I hear you say….Well….You understand that if you say it, believe it, you will manifest it. Things work out when you think it, say it and let it go. When you let go of that thought, you let go of the wish…There is no seeking out proof, there is no acting on the thoughts you let it go. Letting go of negative thoughts is like making a wish and stopping mid-way…Those wishes will not manifest.

There are some life situations that we have wished for ourselves, you know the ones. They are situations we find ourselves in ALL the time. Here’s one I find myself experiencing ‘most’ of the time. As part of my Counselling Psychology Master degree, I had to attend 20 hours of therapy. I believe that practice gives one the experience of being on the proverbial ‘couch’, having therapy also helps with any underlining issues a counsellor may have. So I arrive at the Psychotherapist office, as a Psychologist myself I was not allowed to be counselled by another Psychologist. I am ushered in and I sit down, I know the drill! (Where to sit, how to sit etc..) The therapist asks me “how was the journey to the office” I say it was “fine, I get lost all the time, but I got here” he then asks “all the time?” I reply “ yes, I can’t go anywhere without getting lost” At this point I am thinking, why doesn’t he start this session already. If I knew then what I know now, I would have realised that the session had started the minute I stepped into his office and that what I said often was causing me to get lost every time I got into my car. The “I get lost all the time” has stopped, the therapist help me see and agree that ‘I get lost some of the time’. That has remained with me as I do get lost sometime. We have to become aware of everything that we say, especially the things we don’t want in our life. Something as simple as “I get lost all the time” ensures that I got lost every-time I got in my car, yes every-time. I remember saying to someone, I could left, left, left and left again and still get lost. What do you say ALL the time? Looking back are your wishes granted ALL the time? Think about those little throw away comments that you say most everyday? Or the rehearsed comments you use when certain subjects are broached, you say something like “I’m big boned, I’m always gonna be fat” “I can’t hold on to friends.” “I can’t find a partner” “I’m never going to achieve anything like the people I look up to” All the above, are wishes to be granted. Such wishes manifesting allows us to ‘believe’ that our statements are true and you know what happens when you say it, believe it and act on it….wishes are granted. Good bad or indifferent these wishes will/must, has no choice but be granted. What do you say that is manifested in your life, over and over again.

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Think for a minute, remember we are talking about those tiny wishes that are granted day in and day out. “I’m going to be late” “I’ll never get this done” What do you say when someone, on meeting you ask, how are you? If your response is “ I’m as well as to be expected” firstly  I hear that you want me to ask you what’s the matter, why are you as well as to be expected and secondly, you will be always be ‘as well as to be expected’ Look me up and ask me how I am…my reply will always be “great” or “I’m lovely thanks” Really, I hear you say, I bet you are not always ‘great’ , you’re right I am not always feeling great. I say great even when I’m not because great or lovely is how I expect to be and to feel. Plus if you are asking me how I am, I am out or I am on a call with you or on social media. The mere fact that I am breathing makes me great. It is vital that you become aware of what you say at all times, even if it’s a joke or a greeting. Now you know just how easy it is to make a wish, I trust you will be careful that your greeting isn’t making a wish every-time you say it.

Our first cries at birth, are wishes. As we grow we learn how and when to ask for what we want….Why then do we send out wishes blindly?

On waking we make wishes for the day. I’m going to be late we say, and then go on to give the reason we are going to be late. My whole day is going to be **** because…I didn’t sleep well or I stubbed my toe as I got out of bed. I certainly won’t get all these tasks done…..because this first task took an hour instead of ten minutes. A fleeting thought of, I am going to be late, does not have a reason why you are going to be late behind it, a fleeting thought is just that, it comes and goes. Unwanted manifestations are ones that have been built….You say It, (gather proof) you believe it and act on it. We find that certain events in our lives, continue to happen over and over. Then we realise that our everyday utterances are bringing about granted wishes. Remember the process of The Law of Attraction never changes, whether you wish for a desired outcome or not. Say It, Believe it and Act on it.

I wish you well.

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