Write That Book Now!

We are here to help you 'Write that book' and need to know what type of assistance you need.

Please tell us what you have done so far e.g Do you need help to get started? How much have you written? 

Here are some options.....You could dictate your chapters/book  and we can write it up for you.

Maybe you have written a few chapters and would like help continuing.

We also offer writing mentoring....We keep in touch to ensure that you write that 1,000 words a day.

We also offer an editing service i.e  grammar and spelling.

Then there is the actual publishing.....We can assist you to self publish and advertising.

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Contact me to discuss your options.


What's best for you?

£45 per 1,000 words taken from dictation to word document.

£47.50 per hour consulting

Write Your Book Now! Online Training Course with Doug Addison - Doug  Addison Online Store

£275.00 per month writing mentoring.

Writing Options
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