It's here, My Six Weeks Weight Loss Programme.

This is a Weight Loss Programme that uses the Law Of Attraction. Ask, Believe, Do the Work, Receive.

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Here's what you'll get.

A Hand Held  Weight Loss Service.

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  • Remote Personal trainer

  • Weekly inspirational emails

  • Weekly calls via teams/phone

  • A phone number for you to call with any issues

  • A weight loss programme tailor-made for you

  • Price £375.00

Week One - Getting to know you.

Your Initial meeting with your Remote Personal trainer, here we will find out what you want from the course, what may have hindered your weight loss in the past and how we can get you over any stumbling blocks.

Week Two – A look at your diet.

This week is more of a what you eat and why type of look at your diet. Your trainer will ask, what, when and how you eat.

Week Three – Weighing and Exercise.

If you decide to weigh yourself, advice will be given on what to do before and after weighing yourself.

Exercise – If you decide to exercise, your trainer will advise on what to do and what not to do.

Week Four – Self Care. Time to spoil yourself, you are worth it and your trainer will encourage you to do something special for you, and put plans in place that you have a weekly if not daily routine of self care.

Week Five – Talking about struggles. This week you will work closely with your Personal trainer to ensure you do not stumble over your past struggles and use tools given to stay on track.

Week Six – You've made it! Where do you go from here? You stay on track to ensure you maintain your ideal weight. Your Personal trainer will offer you a detailed plan of action moving forward.

If you have ANY questions about this program, please contact me: it is important to me that you have all of your questions answered before embarking on this course.

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