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We spend our time 'Asking to Receive' when using the Law of Attraction, it's time to 'PLAY IT FORWARD'. Let's give to receive, you'll have the chance to double what you 'played' forward. Monies received will go towards spreading the benefits of utilizing the Law of Attraction.

Download Ribbon Clipart Confetti - Raffle Winner - Full Size PNG Image -  PNGkit


Pick a colour. (If you have picked the same colour as someone else, you will be asked to pick a different colour)

Play it forward £5 or more.

Wait until Friday, see if you are a winner.

If you are a winner - You have just doubled your 'Play it forward'.

Tell us how you want to be paid out. Cash or Amazon gift card.

Play it forward now, be a winner and get paid on Friday.

We have a winner!! – theviewfromtheq

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