21st May 2019

Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
I'm tired, I'm weak, I'm lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home- Jim Reeves

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What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Hands? I think of children showing me that their hands are clean. What about you? In regards to this blog I find myself repeating the thoughts given in Chapter 12 'Soul Care' of my book 'The Exhorted Soul' (2018) Angela Scott, Amazon. In which I talk about ensuring that whatever you are doing, you are mindful of keeping your Soul Happy. Strange concept I know, but if we consider all our actions we will feel comfortable more often, there would be less guilt to deal with, less need to say sorry, less need for forgiving or to be forgiven. In considering your hands, what type of work do you do? No need to get into that conversation as ('What Do You Do For A Living' (2016) Angela Scott, Amazon) covered that subject. But consider this, is the type of work you do, pleasing to your Soul? Or is there something telling you that you really shouldn’t be in that line of work?….Perhaps there is a pull from within you that says you should be vegan, yet you work in a abattoir!' The Exhorted Soul (2018) Angela Scott, The Exhorted Soul, Amazon, chapter 12,Soul Care. What are you being pulled to do?  Mindful living as mentioned above, ensures that we do what we should be doing with our lives, whilst helping others along the way.

Hands, how important are they?

Without your fingers or hands, your ability to work would be greatly reduced. Human hands are unique. No other creature in the world has hands that can grasp, hold, move, and manipulate objects like human hands. The major function of a human hand is to manipulate object to accomplish a goal. The ability of a human hand to assure a myriad of position and to apply only the precise amount of pressure necessary to hold an object is owned to the mobility and stability supplied by the skeleton, to the power of the muscle, and to the degree of sensory feedback from the nerves. The sensory feedback is used to asses the shape, size, texture and weight of the object. The feedback used in both grasping and lifting of an object is dependent on the brain interpreting correctly, what is seen and the hand responding appropriately.

Different cultures use hands symbolically.

The hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body. It gives blessing, it is expressive. ... However, it can just as easily mean generosity, hospitality and stability; "lend a hand". It is used in gestures of greeting and friendship (shake hands).Cupped hands can symbolize delicacy or hold a fragile idea.

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They may also be used for giving. Gripping can show possessiveness, ownership and desire (the tighter the fist, the stronger the feeling). Hands may also hold the self, such as when people hold their own hands, typically for comfort.

Left and Right Hand and Symbolism.

Hands in the Bible Bible News write about the symbolic meaning of human hands ' God made the hands and placed His stamp of approval upon them. He gave each hand a unique identity. No two sets of fingerprints are the same'.

In the Bible, to be at the right side"is to be identified as being in the special place of honour".

Psalm 89:13 You have a strong arm; Your hand is mighty, Your right hand is exalted.

Psalm 16:8 I have set the LORD continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Psalm 63:8 My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.

Psalm 139:10 Even there Your hand will lead me, And Your right hand will lay hold of me.

Hans Biedermann writes in Dictionary of Symbolism that "tracings of the hand in Ice Age cave temples (along with other evidence) suggest that humans have always been predominately right-handed. It is probably for this reason that the right hand side has been treated predominately as better and luckier than the left" (pg.  283). The right arm holds the sword and is aggressive while the left hand holds the warrior’s shield and represents passivity.

The left is also "The non-aggressive hand associated with decay, death, weakness. In the East, to except anything with the left hand is an affront, as it is considered vile" (Jobes, pg. 71).

The left hand is also associated with deviousness. In Tibetan tradition, the hand is symbolic of the holiness of an incarnate lama; the left hand grasping the right at the center of the waist in ancient Sumer was a posture of prayer. Pointing downward, the hand denotes the calling on the earth to witness (Jobes, pg. 721).

The right hand represents Deity. The aggressive hand, hand of growth and strength. Right hand laid on a person conveys authority, blessings, power, strength. Right hand lifted to heaven, and oath, swearing" (Jobes).

In the Cabala, both hands have positive meanings. The right hand symbolizes the hand of blessing and mercy while the left hand is the hand of the king and represents justice.

The right hand is also associated with rectitude. In Africa, circumcised boys point their right hand to heaven, left hand touching the earth, to call upon the earth to witness their status of adulthood and for membership into the tribe, called the heaven and earth or witness sign.

In China, the right hand is yang and strong and in time of war the hand of honour, which holds the sword; the left hand is yin and honour. Posted by Carla Huffman, in Hand Symbolism | Permalink

As we have free will, we are able and capable of doing good or harm....Hands helps us do just that, hands can be used to harm, hinder show love or care.  Are you aware of just how often you have had a hand in the many situations you have encountered! WOW I know, how is that possible? I would like to add a disclaimer here. Any ill treatment by an adult to a child, someone who is disable or vulnerable are not included in my statement above. Now back to our involvement in the many situations we find ourselves in.

Money - My main issues stem from debt..What's yours?...As mentioned in 'What Do You Do For A Living’ (2016) Angela Scott, Amazon I had been evicted from houses I had brought, apartments that I had rented, dealing with the fact that my credit rating started with a Z (zero). Using my vast knowledge of the 'what to do when the bailiff comes' Had my hand playing a great part..... I can confirm that my debt issues were caused by leaving jobs and believing three things 1) that I will either find 'something' before the mortgage, rent or other bills where due. 2)  I would be able to survive on my savings, or 3) I would earn enough from yet another business venture I had started. This is what actually happened 1) I would not start looking for a job replacement until my business venture was about to fail and 2) The savings ran out. I would then spend most of my time negotiating debt repayments, attending court, learning to joggle the money I did have, and sometime dealing with bailiffs.

People - What is your main issue...Is it health, could it be, like me debt, or perhaps its 'People' yes People. Do you find that you can't keep friends? or find that you 'get into arguments' often? Maybe you find that members of the public piss you off, whilst out shopping or driving? Is that you? Perhaps the people that 'get on your nerves' are your work colleagues or your friends and family members.

Life - Most of us just get on with it. What is your issue with it? Do you find yourself saying 'nothing ever goes right for me' or perhaps 'everything I try  goes belly for me' I heard someone say 'Every-time I go out to enjoy myself, something always goes wrong'. What do you find yourself saying often?...I can promise you, that if it starts with  'I never get.......' you will never get. If it is some other negative attribute to what you want, what you are doing or what you are hoping for, it will be a negative outcome.Image result for moneyOk, so we have looked at a few, I would say the main issues, people complain about is Money, People and Life. In fact these are not just titles people complain about, they actually blame these titles. You've heard it or said it yourself. ' If I had his or her money I would...' 'If I had more money, I wouldn't ........this or that'. Essentially the lack of money is to be blamed for your life being the way it is! Agree? No one complains that they have too much money, well no one in my circle. I have given you the reasons I had debt.....and shown you how I had a hand in creating my debt and everything that went along with being in debt...The evictions, the court cases, the bailiffs, the zero credit score and the constant negotiating (promising to pay).  Now we are not about to exclaim the 'If I had this or if I did that, I wouldn't have had to experience the debt, the breakup or the life I have been dealt'. We are going to look at how your hand mixed that pot of debt or lack of money, the issues with the people around you and the life you lead.

Money - Why do you not have enough? I don't earn enough. Why don't you earn enough? Because the job doesn't pay enough, Why are you in that Job? It was the only one I could get and I needed money to pay the bills. Why have you not sought another job, that would pay more? The questions could go on and on.....with excuse after excuse. You may be saying that it is easy for me to sit here and declare that people just make excuses, when I don't know their situation.....Well hear this....I had six children a mortgage and trying to study. I had no partner to help most of the time, but still managed to get a job, feed and clothe my children....I am not saying that the way I went about it was the best way (read above) but I certainty tried or as the Aesop’s fable encourages, put my shoulder to the wheel. This fable gave us the saying "God helps those who help themselves.” (See below) The bible also encourages you to try. 1 Corinthians 9:24 (KJV) - Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. What of the people who are unable to work, those who are in ill-health, the vulnerable and disabled........I am fortunate to live in a first world country that will care for those who are less fortunate than others. This care and help may not be as much as one would like or expect, but it is help non-the-less.

The need for more, should be voiced with thanks giving of what we already have. The law of attraction (See The Exhorted Soul (2018) Angela Scott, Amazon, chapter 1,2,3 Law of Attraction) encourages us to ask, believe and receive. In having no or not enough money, you have had a hand in that situation....In having enough or more than enough money you have a hand in that too. Surely, this blog does not need to go down the road of telling you what to do with the money you do get it. But for those who may need this advice, have you considered what you buy each week or each month when you receive your wage or allowance? Some people will buy the same food items every month without checking if the food items had been eaten or whether it sat in the fridge or cupboard and went 'off'. In my book SELF=YOU (2017) Angela Scott,Amazon,chapter 2) I talk about buying tomatoes and coleslaw that end up getting thrown away because I don't use them, but buy them on every shopping trip. We could go on to talk about all the other areas of your life where you could 'save' money or spend 'less', but i'm sure you are getting the picture.......You have to have a hand in your situation, in-order to change it....You have had a hand in not having enough. What do you find yourself saying about money? Remember, if its 'I don't have enough' you will always not have enough, If you feel that you will never get out of debt, then that is what will happen. You will never get out of debt. Putting your shoulder to the wheel of your financial situation is the first step to changing the amount of money you have coming into your life. This blog aims to guide you in the right direction, however if you need further help please get in touch DrScott@loveliveholistically.com 

Aesop’s fable

Aesop was a Greek writer who lived from 620 to 564 BC. It is said that a he wrote. A man’s wagon got stuck in a muddy road, and he prayed for Hercules to help. Hercules appeared and said, “Get up and put your shoulder to the wheel.” The moral given was “The gods help them that help themselves.

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Blame or excuses feature greatly in the lives of many people who believe that their lives should be different or better. You never hear anyone saying 'its his or her fault'  that they are rich and live the life of their dreams. Often when we find ourselves confronted with a situation involving another person, we tend to lean on the side of 'Its them not me' I will suggest that you look a little closer. Lets say you have a partner whom you have now fallen out of love. Have you started to notice all their faults? Time to be honest now!......Had you noticed any of these faults, when you first met him or her? Have you ever seen any of these faults displayed or directed at another person? What was said or done when these faults were displayed? In answering those questions you may see where you had a hand in your partners continued disliked behaviour, until it reached a stage that became alarming or unbearable. 

You had a hand in making it grow, you can have a hand in changing it! In order to change that behaviour you will have a change you. I have spoken about how to change unwanted situations in 'knowing when to walk away' (See SELF=YOU (2017) Angela Scott, Amazon,chapter 8) in which you are advised that anything that causes you dis-ease, dis- harmony to dis-trust or shows you dis-respect should be cause for concern. I also let you know whether your friends and family members fit in the A B or C camp and what that entails in 'Who is holding you back'.(See What Do You Do For A Living’ (2016) Angela Scott, What do you do for a living, Amazon chapter 7)  However should you need further guidance please contact me DrScott@loveliveholistically.com.

How do you get on with most of the people in your life? Do you find that you do get on with most, and there are just a few people that you prefer ' not to take tea with'? If that is the case, most of us fit into that category. However there are some of us that seem to have issues with most of the people we interact with....You know the type. This person will always always have some drama to update you on....They will tell you about the person who pissed them off as they was waiting in line at the supermarket, they will tell you about how they had an awful journey, either by public transport or by car, because 'someone' got in their way or didn't get out their way in time. They will give you daily episodes about 'the people at work' .....You get the picture? It can be said that that person in your life, is not a 'people person' as they always have some issue with the 'people' around them, and lets not forget to add the fact that it is always yes always the 'other persons' fault. Do you realise that he/she had a hand in whatever issue they found themselves in involving another person? 'How could they have caused all the issues they bring to me'? I hear you ask....Well here goes.....First, that person will always have some drama to talk about, because they always talk about the drama they find themselves in. Make sense? Let me break it down for you. What you talk about, you bring about....Get it now? The more that person talks about their issues, the more issues they will encounter to talk about. (Its the law). Secondly, That person will be looking for the next episode in their drama filled life to unfold (so they can talk about it). Why would someone do that? Well, Lets put ourselves in that persons shoe....(only for a second). Consider leaving your house and going to the supermarket, you enter a line where there are six people in-front of you and three other people enter the line behind you. Another till opens up and before you know what has happened the last person in your line moves over and gets served, you watch as the two other people behind you move to that till and are being served.  What do you do, what do you say and how do you feel? Can you see how drama can develop? No! OK what would that drama filled person you have in your life say and do? What do they do and say when someone cuts them up at the lights.....What do they say and do when their manager asks a co-worker to attend a conference in a different country instead of asking them? Think of some of the conversations they have brought to you regarding their family members, now consider how they could have had a hand in the issue they have discussed with you. I could go on, but i'm sure you are you getting an idea of the type of world that person lives in?

Now consider how a spiritually conscious person would have dealt with each situation above? A spiritually conscious person (or someone who understands the Law of Attraction) would realise that if they was to be served before the people behind them, they would have been. A spiritual conscious person may consider that the person who 'cut them up' at the lights, may have had to get somewhere fast. As for being passed over from going to that works conference, the spiritual conscious person would understand that they really don't need to leave the country right now. They understand that everything, yes everything happens for a reason, you will find that they do not mourn or groan over the little things. When speaking about others, they will speak about them lovingly and are careful not to commit Karma. Now, I am spiritual, but I am also human, so I do get pissed off with certain issues I may have, however I would react after much thought, when instant action is required it comes after a quick conscious thought. Can you now see how less drama is discussed by the spiritually conscious person, compared to that drama filled person in your life? A spiritually conscious person understand that most situations occur in their lives for a reason and that they had played a part or had a hand in manifesting them in their lives.

So who's fault is it that your life is not what you expected, wanted or wished for? Your life is how you moulded it to be, you used your hands and thoughts to create it. Hard to rasp! but the truth. As mentioned above, I have had debt to contend with...That of course was my fault. We are the orchestrator of our lives, we attract or encourage the behaviours of the people in our lives and then proclaim that life is s***. They say that life is what you make it. I read an un-named quote that stated 'Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts. And I say, the meaning of life is what you make it. There will be as many different meaningful lives as there are people to live them' 

I have watched someone very close to me carve out her life. She is a primary school teacher. As a child she proclaimed that she did not want to be overweight! Strange I know but true.....As an adult she remained an English size 8 -10. She loved school although her home life was not always happy, having to endure the constant house moves, knowing that her brother had been held up and robbed several times, another sibling faced a near death experience twice, remaining in comma for several weeks, the death of her eldest brother, and grand mother. Plus the devastating abuse of her sister. This person did not do as well as she would have hoped, whilst at college and had to re-submit many projects and resit tests. She was determined to go to University as she wanted to become a teacher and did what it took to get there. At University she struggled with being away from home, fought off the unwanted advances, got part time jobs and finished her studies leaving with a respectable grade. Life, she had decided was going to be what she made it although she had to jump over many many hurdles. Notice she did not succumb to all that was going on around her, but fought through the pain, upheaval and anguish to reach her goal.Image result for paralympics

There are many stories out there about people with disabilities who have become great sports ambassadors, even competing at the Olympics for their country. Surely they had decided that the life society had planned for them, was not going to be the one they lived.....

What's your life like? Nobody said that life was going to be easy, but we are often given choices, choices to do this or do that, choices to stay or go. To buy that item when we know we have a bill coming in next week, to enter that relationship when we know that that person has faults we loathe, perhaps believing at the time, that we would be able to change them! A choice to take that job, knowing that we really will not enjoy being there. This job could have been taken because it was the first employer who had responded to you, after a month or two job searching. Perhaps if we had waited something else would have been offered. So there you stay for two/three years, being told what time to get in in the morning, when to eat lunch, when to leave and when a day off can be taken. Then mourn that life is not the way we would like it.......That is how life can carry you away. Instead of making the choices that would best serve us. We have a hand in most of the situations we find ourselves in. When we can admit that we allowed debt to accumulate, those people in our lives that brought their luggage and we helped them to carry it in. Only then will we be-able to wash our hands of those situations and do something about it. This blog showed you the importance of hands, from how unique we are as human beings to the symbols we attach to the right and left hand. We looked at the main issues we complain about, that of Money, People and Life using them as scapegoats for not having the life we would like. Make that change today, decide, make a move and get advice. I am always here to help DrScott@loveliveholistically.com

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