15 %  CLUB

See what you can earn atfer  15 days.

There is no other company out there that is willing to help you get out of debt quicker.

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15% Club

If you are fed up with schemes that don't work, check this out. Get to know the CEO, check out the other pages on this site, get to know me. 

If you need a little financial help, the 15% club is for you. Here you will be able to pay those small bills every month, that could be your car payments, your grocery bill, gas /electric bill etc.

15% Club -  It's aim is to help others get out of debt, while helping yourself. Do you have several debts? How will it help, if you could pay off a few of the 'small ones' ? Your life will 'feel' a little more comfortable and perhaps more financially manageable?

Imagine getting yourself out of debt?Image getting enough money to buy your monthly groceries every month, so you can use that money saved to reduce your credit card bill.?

By Putting £150.00 in your 15% club for 15 days you collect £172.50

By Putting £1500.00 in your 15% club for 15 days you collect £1725.00 During those 15 days your money is helping someone else. At no point will the pot run dry. At the end of your 15 days you will receive your investment with 15% added.

Here's how it works

You pay your membership fee

Pay £15.00 or more into your 15% club

After 15 days excluding Sundays request and collect your money paid in, along with your 15%

That's it.

3 month Membership Fees:

£5.00 in-order to put £15 – £500 in the club

£15.00 in-order to put £501.00 - £1,500 in the club

£25.00 in-order to put £1,501.00 + in the club

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15% Club


How do I get my 15%?

This will be sent to you via a bank account of your choice or a prepaid card.

Can I leave my money in the club for one month or more?

Sure, but this has to be in 15 days increments.

Why Do I have to pay a membership fee?

The membership fee is requested to keep your money safe and sending your money back to you.

Do I get a discount if I introduce a friend?

Sorry it's not that type of business, the 15% club is set up to help others get out of debt, the 15% you receive can be used for your monthly shop, clearing a 'small debt' or buying a present for a special occasion. The same will apply for any friend you introduce. 

Can I 'top up' my investment?

No, you can invest a different amount for 15 days

How do I get started?

Fill in the form, letting us know how you would like your money paid back to you, pay your membership fee and the amount you want to invest, wait 15 days excluding Sunday, request your money and get paid.

What happens if I need the money out before the 15 days is up, can I get it out?

The money invested goes straight to work, so it not available until it has completed 15 days. The membership fee is non-refundable.

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15% Club

How do you want your 15% paid



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